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Windows: Find which port is getting used/mapped by which process/program with details from task manager

Hi friends,

Today, I have come across with a situation of finding the port-program mapping.

Open command promptEnter the following commandSyntax:netstat -aon | find ":"Example:netstat -aon | find ":80"Get the PID (Process Id) from the list

Execute the following commandSyntax:tasklist "PID eq "Example: tasklist "PID eq 9192"

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Windows Oracle startup issue

Hi friends,

When your Oracle is unable to connect, do the following procedure

Open command prompt
Connect as sysdba
cmd> sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
sql> startup
Once the command executed successfully, then you should be able to login to Oracle

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Capture localhost ( system packets using RawCap

Hi friends,

Today I am going to share the knowledge of capturing network packets in local system i.e. localhost.

Using RawCap utility, you can capture the loopback adapter packets which are our localhost packets.
Procedure Download the RawCap.exe from Netresec website url
Once you download it
Open command prompt with administrator privileges
You have the following options while running the RawCap.exe

-c <-> Stop capturing after the specified packet count reached
-f <-> Flush each packet without buffering
-s <-> Stop capturing after the specified time limit

Example 1:
RawCap.exe dump.pcap
Note: Ctrl + C to stop the capturing

Example 2:
RawCap.exe -c 1000 dump.pcap
After 1000 packets, the capturing will stop

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Change currency (Rupees and Euros) to English text in Microsoft Excel

Hi Friends,

Today I'll discussing about converting currency (Rupees and Euros) to textual representation which I have found by googling and updated to cover 2 currencies.

Source The VBA Macro code is available on my public GIST

Add this in your excel module using developer optionsTwo functionsConvertRupeesToEnglish - Which converts numeric data to rupees with pre-pending "Rupees " and appending " Only"ConvertEurosToEnglish - Which converts numeric data to rupees with pre-pending "Euros " and appending " Only"Note: If number has precisioin, it will add "Paise" and "Cent" to respective currency. Please send your review and feedback to

Oracel Database: Delete all user objects (Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions, Sequences, Types, Packages)

Hi friends,

I have come across a situation, where I need to delete all the user objects i.e. Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions, Sequences, Types, Packages.

Please find the link below for the SQL script, which does the job for you.

It's my public GitHubGist URL, where anyone can share the code snippets.

You can delete the user after deleting all user objects by logging into SYSTEM user.

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Tomcat issue "windows could not start apache tomcat on local computer" after java update issue with resolution

Hi friends,

Today I have faced an issue with Tomcat service starting. I would like to share with you the resolution as well. Please find the details below.
Root cause Updated java version
Navigate to you apache installed folderGo bin folderDouble click on "Tomcat(X)w.exe" where X the version of tomcat.In my case it is "Tomcat8w.exe" because the version is 8Select "Use Default". So that, it uses the JAVA_HOME version by default.Click on OKStart the Tomcat service and enjoy deploying

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Consolidate / Merge all your PF accounts

Hi friends,

Today, I have come across one useful website which consolidates all your PF accounts under one roof.
You should have one active and current PF accountYou should have UAN created and activatedYou should have your old PF account numbers
Important Information If you have changed organization, then wait till the previous employer update your "Date of Exit (DoE)"
After that your current employer details should be available
To verify that, please login to your UAN services account
Go to "View" -> "Service History"
You should be able to see your present and previous employers
Note: You wait for atleast 3 months, after you exit from your previous organization

Visit siteEnter your registered mobile numberEnter your UAN numberEnter your current active PF accountOnce you login, you should be able to view your all registered a…