August 23, 2011

Running SLAX Linux on VMWare

Hi all,
Today I come across running SLAX in VMWare. I got some information after googling and I modified accordingly to install in VMWare.

Please follow this procedure to install SLAX on VMWare

1. Open VMWare Workstation
2. Create New Workstation by selecting File->New (or) Just Clicking on New Virtual Machine icon
3. Click Other Operating System
4. Don't get panic even it shows, operating system not detected
5. Select appropriate options and start the virtual machine
6. Select the Graphical Mode KDE option for booting
7. It will display KDE Environment
8. Open konsole/command prompt and execute the following commands
9. Create a partition (type 83 Linux), # cfdisk
10. Select New->Primary for disk creation.
11. Select Type->83(Linux) for file system
12. Select Bootable Flag
13. Select Write to confirm the settings

14. By now, we have one disk created for installing the SLAX Operating System
15. # mke2fs /dev/hda1
     Note: Here /dev/hda1 because we have selected drive type as IDE at SLAX VMWare installation. If we select SCSI, it will show /dev/sda1
16. # mkdir /mnt/hda1
17. # mount -t ext2 /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
18. # cp -rf /mnt/live/mnt/hdc/* /mnt/hda1/ -- Copying CDROM Contents
      Note: /mnt/live/mnt/hdc is the cdrom which detected in OS. Path may change, when you trying. So, please see on which location the cdrom is mounted and specify that path to copy the contents.
19. # cd /mnt/hda1/boot
20. # sh
21. When script is running, it will ask us to press ENTER; Please do it.
22. Now we have successfully installed the SLAX on VMWare
23. Please reboot the OS just by entering # init 6
24. Username: root, Password: toor
25. Enter startx to view the KDE environment


August 22, 2011

Find Differences between two files/folders and change or merge content

Hi all,

When I was working with 2 similar kind of files. Both files will have the same content except some few changes in words or lines. I was experimenting on one file and i finalized the file. I don't want to repeat the same steps in 2nd file, as what I have done for the 1st file.

I remembered one command in UNIX called diff, which will get the differences from 2 files. So, I have searched for similar command in Windows and I got DiffMerge GUI tool.

DiffMerge is an application, which shows the differences between 2 files visually to the user. It got one more weapon called merging the content.
Once we found the differences between 2 files, we can change or merge the content in the file. It is just a click away.

I personally felt that, this will be very useful for the developers, who are developing similar kind of programs for two or more different clients.


August 17, 2011

Cloud Computing Basics

Hi everyone,
I have understand something about cloud computing and wants to share with you.

Cloud Computing mainly needed for the following 3 services
1. SAAS (Software As A Service): Where users can use the online-software tools
    ex: Google docs, zoho, pixlr, jaycut, aviry, netsuite, salesforce
2. PAAS (Platform As A Service): Where users can maintains online app development
    ex: Google App Engine, MS Azure, SalesForce
3. IAAS(Infrastructure As A Service): Where users can lease the infrastructure
    ex: Amazon EC(Elastic Compute)2, rackspace, gogrid

Correct if I am wrong in with my above explanation.
1. Explaining Computing
2. Youtube

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August 16, 2011

GMail Mouse Gestures to navigate between e-mail messages

Hi everyone,
Are you fed-up with clicking on next or previous message in GMail. GMail is providing Mouse Gestures Labs features.
Just hold the mouse right button, and move the mouse to left or right to see the previous or next message correspondingly.
I liked the feature. If you want to try just have a trail. Its awesome.

Internet Explorer 7 and below is not supporting it fully. Please try in Firefox 3 or Google Chrome 8 or above

Click on the below link for redirection your GMail labs, You should login before clicking on this link.

1) Click on the settings icon (Top-Right Corner), select mail settings.
2) Select Labs Tab, search for "Mouse", you will get a feature named "Mouse gestures"
3) Select Enable to try the feature.

Hold Right Mouse Button and do the following
  i) Move left --> Previous Message
  ii) Move Right --> Next Message
  iii) Move up --> Parent folder (Inbox default)

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August 09, 2011

Java/Android Currency (Money) Field Validation

Hi everyone,

Today, I have come across one situation where money(currency) field has to be validated. According to Indian currency, we will consider 2 digits after period(.)

When I want to validate the particular field, I have tried with substring() and indexOf() methods. But I am not getting the expected result. I want to have the output ending with .##, So, I have come to know about NumberFormat class from java.text package.

Here goes sample code with output:
Input: 234 / 234.232 / 234.3
Output: 234.0 / 234.23 / 234.3

NumberFormat nf = new DecimalFormat(".##");
System.out.println("Input: "+234+"Output: "+nf.format(234));

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