November 25, 2011

Apply New, Change/Correct Your Voter Card Details Online in India

Dear all,

Choosing our leader is the gift which we are doing in India through elections. To do that, we need to have an voter card to utilize our vote.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Electrol Officer has come with a website, where we can do the following things.

1) Apply our voter cards online
2) Corrections in the voter card details
3) Know your status of the voter card application
4) Transpose your location (Change in the location)
4) Know your assembly constituency by giving your location
5) Know your electoral rolls (Which poling booth you need to vote)
and lot more.

Please make use of this and vote for your leader.


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November 24, 2011

Android Video Screen Capture on PC and Mac tool

Hi Andoird Developers/Users,

Today I have come across, Android Video Screen Display on PC and Mac.

Please follow these steps to see your mobile screen on PC/Mac

a) We should have android-sdk installed on our PC/Mac. If it is not installed, then please download from this link
b) We should have JRE installed on our PC/Mac. If it is not installed, then please download from this link
c) Please know your android-sdk installation directory.
d) Make sure that, we have installed our device USB driver.
e) Please use the USB debugging mode while connecting to the PC/Mac.

Run the following commands in terminal
i) cd /platform-tools/
ii) adb devices

Note: is a directory, where you have installed the android sdk software.

By now our device will be recognized and ready to use (Don't disconnect the device).

iii) Download and Run the tool to display Android Device Screen

iv) If JRE is installed properly, we can run the tool just by double-clicking on it.
Through command prompt, we can run the following command.
iv) cd
v) javaws androidscreencast.jnlp

Now we can see the mobile screen on the PC. We can record the screen by selecting the record menu.

1. androidscreencast - Project Hosting on Google Code

For any queries, mail to

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Wireless Drivers after upgrading Linux Kernel

Dear Macbook Pro Ubuntu users,

Today I have upgraded to the latest linux kernel

My wireless connectivity is gone after rebooting.

Then I followed the same procedure to install/activate the wireless drivers

After every kernel upgrade, please do the above procedure.

Now, my wireless connection is working on Macbook Pro.

Enjoy wireless with your Macbook Pro on Ubuntu.

November 17, 2011

SMS to activate and/or modify BSNL Friends and Family Offer

Hi friends,

BSNL has launched new offers

1. We can choose our own number online

2. Bandham Plan: Call to your landline free unlimited times, 2 local BSNL numbers @ 20paise/Min and one STD BSNL number @ 30paise/Min
Note: Landline registration should be on your name

3. Vennela-Match Plan: Call to your Family and Friends at cheaper price.
Total 5 Numbers, can be BSNL and other Network also

Call Charges:
Friends and Family 5 Nos
20paise/Min -- BSNL Number within AP

40paise/Min -- Other network within AP
Other than those 5 numbers
1p/Min for Local/STD

To use the above offer(s), we need to activate by sending SMS. Please follow the below procedure

You can activate/modify BSNL Friends and Family offer by sending an SMS to 53733.

Bandham Plan Family and Friends activation
Syntax: FFE
ex: FFE 94xxxxxxx1 94xxxxxxx2 94xxxxxxx3
Note: We must choose all 3 numbers(2 Local and 1 STD) while activating(for Bandham Plan).

Vennela-Nestham Plan Family and Friends activation

Syntax: FFE
ex: FFE 94xxxxxxx1 94xxxxxxx2 94xxxxxxx3 94xxxxxxx4 94xxxxxxx5
Note: We must choose all 5 local numbers while activating(for Vennela-Nestham Plan).

Family and Friends Number Modification
Syntax: FFM
ex: FFE 94xxxxxxx1 94xxxxxxx2
Note: Number Modification charges Rs. 5/- per change

Checking/Verifying the Friends and Family offer by calling *124#

These Local and STD numbers can be Mobile or Landline (As per BSNL Customer Care)

I am using these plans within my family, if you like it, better use it.


For queries, send mail to

November 15, 2011

Very Useful GMail Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi Friends,

I would like to share the existing GMail keyboard shortcuts information with you. It will be very useful to fasten your mail usage.

First make sure that, you have activated the "keyboard shortcuts on" from your mail settings.

Some important keyboard shortcuts are

1. Compose (New Mail) - c
2. Reply to the Sender - r
3. Reply to All - a
4. Forward Message - f
5. Select All Messages - Press * then Press a
6. Select Unread Message - Press * then Press u
7. Delete Selected Message(s) - #
8. Move selected messages to folder - v
9. Search mail - /
10. Show next message - n
11. Show previous message - p
12. Select Conversation - x
13. Show next conversation - k
14. Show previous conversation - j
15. Report spam - !
16. Undo the operation - z
17. Keyboard help - ?

You can find all the possible GMail keyboard shortcuts from this link

Keep mailing ..

For any further queries, please mail to

November 02, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 upgrade on MacBook Pro Early 2011 (13 inch) 8,1 Model booted from USB Pen Drive and Updated Wireless Drivers

Hi MacUbuntu Users,

I have upgraded Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 in Early MacBook Pro 13" (8,1) Model and the upgrade steps as follows.

1. We should have EFI boot enabled on the MacBook as per my previous post
2. Copied the Ubuntu 11.10_amd64+mac.iso to boot folder in the USB (as per the instructions from the EFI Boot)
3. Renamed the Ubuntu 11.10_amd64+mac.iso to boot.iso
4. Restarted the system and Hold the Option button
5. Select EFI (USB) to boot from the 11.10
6. After OS loading, click on Install 11.10 shortcut icon from the Desktop
7. Select Upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 option
8. Select timezone
9. Import 11.04 contacts, firefox bookmarks etc
10. It will take some time to copy and reinstall the packages
11. I got a error like, some packages are properly installed, please install manually.
12. After successfully upgrading the OS, reboot the mac.
13. When EFI display comes, please select EFI partition manager to update the grub
14. Once it has updated the grub, restart the mac and remove the USB pendrive
15. Now, you can boot to your Ubuntu 11.10 on MacBook Pro
16. Now, we need to install the wireless drivers. Please follow my previous post.
17. Then enjoy the latest Ubuntu on MacBook Pro

If you have any queries, please mail to

November 01, 2011

Firefox 7 Preferences Files has been changed

Hi everyone,

The developers who want to customise their latest Firefox 7, there is no pref.js (preferences file, which we used to configure the firefox) and user.js (user preferences file).

We can use one and only one preferences file named syspref.js to configure the default firefox.

In Ubuntu it is located under /usr/lib/firefox-7.0.x/defaults/pref/syspref.js

Here we can configure our default homepage and proxies etc.

We can do the same by typing about:config in the browser address bar.

Update your browser and set up according to your convenience.

Please reach me @ @ for queries.

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