April 30, 2013

Best Windows Live Writer Plugins for Blogging

I have been very impressed with these plugins for my Windows Live Writer.


Code Snippet: Which actually format your code to different languages.

Tag Generator: Generate Tags based on the content you have edited

Table Plugin: Customized table creator

Insert Object: We can insert upto 3 files (Note: Blogger doesn’t support this)

Clipboard Live: Allows us to paste images, HTML pages, source code etc.


There are lot of plugins available for Windows Live Writer.

Please go through the complete list of plugins



Happy blogging Smile


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Manage/Edit your Runtime Environment in Eclipse EE Version

Hi all,

When you want to change your runtime environment in Eclipse EE version, simply follow these steps

  1. Click on “Window” Menu
  2. Select “Preferences” option
  3. It will open “Preferences” window
  4. On the left hand side of the window, you can find different options.
  5. Select “Server” and choose “Runtime Environments”
  6. Now you can find different runtime environments (if exists)
  7. You can add, edit and remove runtime environments

While creating the project you can choose your own customized environment as well.

Happy coding :)

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