August 31, 2008

GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing

I am trying to draw UML Diagrams and Class Diagrams for that project. Give me some suggestions so that I can perform well in the competition.

August 26, 2008

Are you interested in Hacking?

Dont know how to start from basics?
Then do this...
1) Install Mozilla Firefox latest version
2) Install Add-ons like Firebug, Firecookie, WebDeveloper for editing the script and do some SQL Injection to the week website databases.
3) Install LiveHTTPHeaders Add-on to firefox to check how the request and responses are done.
4) Try to get the WebGoat and practice it. You will know how the hacking happening in the real world.

For any queries send mail to me...urs PSR.COM

August 19, 2008

Registered for IBM Great Mind Challenge 2008

Our project is "GSM Based Remote Monitoring and Billing".

The vision of the project is to replace the existing manual reading of electricity meters installed throughout the country (Home, Agricultural, and Industrial). The proposed solution is to build a server for the Electricity boards in each state where the custom built GSM meters would update in real time through SMS and instant status of the meter network can be established. The system will cut costs and improve transparency to a very large extent. Any failure or inconvenience on the consumer side can be instantly detected and rectified. The electricity board server can monitor and analyze the status of each and every individual meter on the network. The server would also provide a complete billing solution for the same.

August 10, 2008

Sccfg.sys Hidden File Virus Removal Procedure

Virus Name: Hidden File Virus.

AIM of Virus: We can't find our hidden files if its infected.

  1. We need to install Anti-Virus software if your system not having any anti-software.
  2. After installing the anit-virus or if installed already once you scan the entire system.
  3. Run-->regedit and press enter
  4. It will show the registry editor
  5. MyComputer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advanced/Folder/Hidden/NOHIDDEN
  6. The values must be this for Checked Value is 2, Default Value is 2
  7. If the values are not matching with u r system registry editor then you please doubleclick on that and edit the data.
  8. MyComputer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advanced/Folder/Hidden/SHOWALL
  9. The values must be this for Checked Value is 1, Default Value is 2
  10. If the values are not matching with u r system registry editor then you please doubleclick on that and edit the data.
  11. Now you check whether its showing the hidden files in your system. To view the hidden files. Click on MyComputer-->Tools-->FolderOptions-->view-->Show Hidden Files-->Click on Apply-->Click on OK
  12. Run-->msconfig
  13. Please in startup tab deselect amvo and regsvr processes and click on Apply then click OK
  14. Antivirus automatically detect the virus now
  15. Restart your system and then scan again

Virus Name: sccfg.sys

AIM of Virus: It wont detect the infected pendrives.

  1. Identify the path of the file
  2. Create a file in notepad and save the file with name sccfg.sys and It will ask you to replace the existing file.
  3. Click on Ok
  4. Scan your computer and Restart

August 08, 2008

Exploring the Network in Linux

Hi all,

Do you want to connect to your remote system in Linux?

With the root privilege in Linux type these commands to explore remote system.

1. #ssh root@IP
2. Enter the password of remote system.
3. Now you connected to remote system.
4. Explore it and even you can shutdown the remote system by just executing poweroff command in your system.

Source: Prashanth Venugopalan.Y (My M.Tech Classmate)

Linux C Code Debugging for Segmentation Fault with GDB

Hi Friends,

Whenever you are doing some programming, you will be getting lot of errors. Myself have been in the same situation while programming.

When I was tried to write a code in C language (though I'm not a good programmer of C language), For my friend's sake I have tried some code.

The most frustrating error came in to picture, called "Segmentation Fault". Took help of google and no clue why I was getting the error.

What I have understand about Segmentation fault is
"Segmentation fault appears as if it is not easy to understand;
when your trying to access the memory that is not allocated by you ...
then segmentation fault appears after executing a.out"

Let me explain you with an example

int a[5]; // Declare an array
printf("%d\n",a[6]); // Then try to print the last+n location of the array where n>0

You will get segmentation fault error.

How to over come this?

There are different debuggers to locate the memory area where the segmentation fault occurred.

  1. 1.c // Your file name
  2. gcc 1.c -g // Then compile it
  3. gdb a.out // Type at the command prompt/console
  4. Now you will get a prompt >>>
  5. Type 'r'
  6. Give the required input
  7. It will locate the memory area where your trying to access the memory
  8. u is not allocate by u (it will give the lines in the program 1.c here segmentation fault has occurred )

You can rely on gdb about 70% and there are also other debuggers
for which you can refer to the book "Linux is a Nutshell"

For further queries/comments mail to

August 05, 2008

Changing MAC address of a system in Linux with root privileges

Hi Friends,

Have you ever tried to change the MAC address? It is so easy to do. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Login as root

  2. Write the MAC addresses of the system which u r going to change on a file or paper if you want the previous MAC addresses.

  3. Open terminal

  4. ifconfig eth0 down

  5. ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

  6. ifconfig up

  7. ifconfig

Now your system MAC address will be changed to the specified MAC address. If any packet comes into the network to the specified MAC it will get confused where to go. If u specified the MAC address of the other system. i.e. if two system's MAC addresses are same.

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