September 23, 2019

ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) not starting after reboot

Hi all,

I have stuck with one of the problem where ADFS was not starting after rebooting the PC.

Solution from different sources worked for me

Try your luck.

ADFS not starting issue solution
  1. Start "Microsoft Key Distribution Service"
  2. Start "Windows Internal Database"
  3. Start "Active Directory Federation Services"
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Add custom user/system attributes in Active Directory

Hi folks,

Today I'll explain the procedure to add and verify the custom user attributes in Active Directory.

Mount the Directory Schema

  1. Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode
    • Start -> cmd -> Right click and select "Run as Administrator"
  2. Mount the directory schema command
    • cmd> regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll
  3. You will be notified with command success pop-up
    • Click on Ok

Creating Custom Attribute

  • Open mmc (Management Console)
  • Click on "File" menu and select "Add/Remove Snap in.."
  • From "Available snap-ins" section, click "Active Directory Schema"
  • Click on "Add"

  • "Active Directory Schema" should be added to "Selected snap-ins" section and click "Ok"
  • You will be viewing the "Active Directory Schema" in the console
  • Expand and select "Attributes"
  • Right click and choose "New" and select "Attribute" as shown below

  • A warning pop-up shows, click Continue

  • Create New Attribute pop-up opens up
  • Enter the custom attribute details
  • Enter the Object ID as per Reference 1

  • Select the Syntax from the list

  • Check Multi-Valued option based on your requirement
  • Click Ok

Adding to User Class

  • Newly created custom attribute has to be mapped to any one of the class (Computer, user etc)
  • To add it to user
  • (Classes -> User -> Properties -> "Add")
  • Select the custom attribute

Restarting ADDS (Active Directory Domain Service)

  • Open Services
  • Start -> Run -> services.msc
  • Navigate to Active Directory Domain Service
  • Restart the service


  • Open "Active Directory Users and Computers"
  • Go to "Users"
  • Click on any user and view properties
  • Click on "Attribute Editor" tab
  • Navigate to your custom tab

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