May 29, 2013

Penetration Testing Bundled Browser PenQ from QBurst to test websites from malicious attacks

Hi all,

Would you like to test your website from various attacks or bugs?

You most probably want to do a penetration testing on your website. But is it possible with less cost and less efforts?

Yes, It is possible with all new PenQ Browser which was built on top of Mozillas’s Firefox browser and all the testing add-on's.


In this link, you can find the slew tools, features and installation.


I hope, you guys find it easy to test your sites.

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May 21, 2013

Flickr Upgrades photo limit to 1 GB from 200 active photos and better looking UI

Dear friends,

Its very good news for all photo uploading fellows. I had been using flickr since 2006 but limiting the photos 200 only stopping me to think about flickr again. Now flickr has been upgraded and better user interface update as well.

I have got all my uploaded photos in my account back. Happy :)

Please find the updated flickr account details

Free Account:
1 GB of photos (Each photo size should be < 200MB)
1080p Video can be uploaded
3 min video playback is possbile
Ads will be displayed

Pro Account:
Unlimited photo uploads
Unlimited video uploads
No Ads will be displayed

Hope, flickr will be back again as before.

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May 13, 2013

Open command window shortcut with the current/present working directory/folder

In my previous post, I had explained about opening command prompt and auto-executing a command.
I was thinking it would be better, if we have a shortcut to open a command prompt in the present/current working directory/folder.

I found two options to do that.
GUI (Windows 7 and above):
  1. Hold “Shift” keyboard key and “Right Click” your mouse button
  2. You will find an option “Open Command Window Here”, click on it
  3. It will open a command window and path would be your current directory

Custom Shortcut:
  1. Right Click your mouse
  2. Choose “New”
  3. Select “Shortcut”
  4. Enter type the location of the item as “cmd” and click on “Next” button
  5. Enter type a name for this shortcut as your own custom name e.g. CurDirCmdWindow and click on “FInish” button
  6. It will create a shortcut with your own specified name
  7. If you run/double click the shortcut, it will open a command window with the path “C:\Windows\System32” i.e. the default command window directory
  8. Now, we have to change the default opening directory to the drive where this shortcut located
  9. I hope you are familiar with %CD% environment variable in windows, which stores the current working directory path. We are going to use this now.
  10. Select the shortcut and “Right Click” with mouse
  11. Select “Properties”
  12. Now shortcut properties windows gets opened
  13. In “Shortcut” tab, navigate to “Start in:” textbox
  14. Replace the existing “C:\Windows\system32” with %CD%
  15. Note: Don’t change the target textbox content
  16. Click on “Apply” and then on “OK” buttons
  17. If you run/double click the shortcut, it will open a command window with your current directory as path.

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May 07, 2013

Create a command shortcut icon in windows to run a command like pinging Google website


One of my friend asked me about how we can check whether ping/network is active or not?

He suggested that, if we have a shortcut command icon on desktop to create ping command then it would be easy for any naïve user to check whether ping/network is active or not?



Creating Ping command shortcut with



  1. Right click on the desktop
  2. Select “New” from the pop-up menu
  3. Choose “Shortcut” option
  4. Enter “cmd.exe /K ping” as type of location of the item
  5. Click on “Next” button
  6. Enter “Ping Google” as name for the shortcut
  7. Click on “Finish” button
  8. Now you will be able to view a shortcut icon on desktop with name “Ping Google “ name
  9. When you run (Double click/Select and Enter) the “Ping Google”, you will be able to see that the command prompt displaying the content of running a ping to


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