April 23, 2011

Devotional Trip to Ahobilam and Mahanandi

Hi everyone,

Myself, along with 2 other friends visited Ahobilam and Mahanandi.

We started our journey from Hyderabad to Aallagadda (Place near to Ahobilam) at night.
We reached Aallagadda by 7AM. From Aallagadda, with in 45 minutes, we reached Ahobilam.

In TTD Guest house, our refreshment was done. Then we had breakfast from A.P.Tourism Hotel.

@11:00AM: We first visited, Lower Ahobilam Temple, Which is very beautiful. On that day, "Swamy vari kalyanam" is going on and we are very lucky to see the "swami vari kalyanam"
@11:35AM: From Lower Ahobilam to Upper Ahobilam, we had taken Autorickshaw on sharing basis. Road and everything is fine and good. We enjoyed the journey.
@12:10PM: In Upper Ahobilam, we first visited "Ugra Narasimhaswamy Temple", which is quite easy to walk and go.
@12:25PM: But from then onwards, we have to do trekking to reach the other temples. If you are planning with the family members(especially Ladies), then please don't try to do the trekking. Its difficult to go. Please wear shoe, while you are planning trekking.
@1:30PM: After trekking for about 5km, we reached "Jwala Narasimha Swamy" temple. From there we can further but due to whether condition, we withdrawn to go further.
@1:40PM: While returning, we had come across "Malola Nrusimha Swamy" Temple. We got to halt there for a while due to rain. After some half an hour, we started our return journey. Since, it was after rain, the surface and stones are very slippery. Slowly we had come down. Please carry water and some eatables like carrot(to get energy)
@3:05PM: To return from Uppder Ahobilam to Lower Ahobilam, we had choosen Autorickshaw again.
@3:30PM: In Lower Ahobilam, we had our lunch.
@4:00PM: We started our journey towards Mahanandi via Aallagadda->Nandyala (Since we went by bus, there is no other route as such), If you are planning by car, then it is very easy to visit all these places in less time.
@7:00PM: We reached Mahanandi, and had bath in the inside lake. The water is very clean and had fun. Go with family and friends, we will have lot of fun here.
@8:30PM: We had dharshan and plan to return from Mahanandi to Nandyala.(Since it is night time, we are unable to take more pics)
@9:15PM: We reached Nandyala, and booked return ticket to Hyderabad.

Overall the trip is very good and joyful.

April 06, 2011

Compile and Execute C# (C sharp) code without Visual Studio and with .NET Framework

Hi everyone,

Today I have come across executing C# (C Sharp) code with out Visual Studio, but you must have .NET Framework installed on your computer.


  1. Install .NET Framework, if not installed.
  2. Set the path of the .NET Framework Edition in environment variables or by using SET PATH command.
  3. ex: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5
  4. Write the C# script, Save file with extension .cs
    ex: D:\csharp\trail.cs
    using System;

    public class Example
        public static void Main()
            Console.Write("\nIts Done\n");

            Console.ReadLine(); //Waits until user press Return
    (Enter) key
  5. Open command prompt, change the directory to specified folder(ex: D:\csharp\)
  6. Execute the following command
  7. cmd> csc trail.cs
  8. We will get trail.exe in the specified folder(ex: D:\csharp\), if it executed successfully
  9. Double click the trail.exe and see the output.
  10. We have successfully executed C#(C sharp) code without visual studio and with .NET Framework only

Please post your comments and feedback.

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