March 16, 2011

Schedule your GMail Messages. Send mails even you logged out of GMail.

Hi everyone,

Today I come across scheduling our GMail messages with browser extension.

Scheduling the mail is possible in GMail if you have Google Chrome or Firefox now.
Even you logout of the GMail, it will automatically send the mail at the scheduled time.

Just follow these steps to schedule your e-mail.

1) Download these extension in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and follow the instructions.
2) Click on Boomerang link (Top-Right, Before your mail id name)
3) New window will be opened, Click on Allow button.
4) In GMail, Compose one new message with subject and content.
5) Click on Send Later (After Send Button) to schedule your mail.
6) If you want to send at specific time, first save the message and select "At Specific Time".
7) Select Date and give the Time in the following format
mm/dd/yyyy hh:mi AM/PM
8) Click on confirm button.
9) You can see your scheduled messages in Boomerang-Outbox folder in GMail or in Boomerang window, by clicking the Boomerang link on Top-Right of the window.

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