July 31, 2008

Change Default Localhost File in Linux

Hi friends,

Whenever you type localhost or in browser, you will be getting some default file.

If you would like to change the default file and wants to put your own desired file then follow this procedure.

  1. Login into Linux as root
  2. Open the terminal
  3. cd etc/httpd/conf
  4. You can see the httpd.conf for configuration of httpd
  5. Place your .html file in /var/www/html
  6. Change the file name as index.html
  7. cd /etc --Change the directory to /etc folder
  8. service httpd start -- For starting the service
  9. service httpd restart -- To restart the service
  10. Now you open the browser
  11. In address bar of the browser type http://localhost/
  12. Now you will get your own html as default localhost
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July 30, 2008

Problem with University Organization

Before joining here(Amrita, Coimbatore) everybody in our M.Tech thought that, this University have AICTE approval....But in 2007 it got university status...so for AICTE approval they need to send some documents ... But they didn't send ... so, we did get GATE stiphend ... We didn't pay our fee till now... we wrote letter to Dean(Engineering) that we are not going to pay the fee till we received our GATE stiphend...so, waiting for GATE money....

Thanks for my friends who are helping us ...

Friends are created by GOD to help...

For paying my second M.Tech fee I dont have money to pay...I asked some of my friends...They helped to get out of this problem...Prasanna Manikonda, who is working in WIPRO gave 40% of the money..and my classmates Pavan, Jagadeep, Meenakshi gave 30% of the money...and Brahmaji gave 5% and my father arranged 25% of the money...Thanks to everyone...

About my placement

I got placement in WIPRO ... after my frist year study in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, M.Tech Cyber Security .. I attended TCS, CTS written tests... I didn't cleared it.. After that WIPRO came...With the help of Srinivas I cleared my written and with GOD's grace I got the job...

Thanks to my friends who helped me...

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