February 24, 2011

Know Your Indian Train Reservation Berth Details Like Berth Position etc.

Hi everyone,

I booked my train ticket even it is in WaitingList. Because, I guessed that, It will get confirmed when chart prepares. After the chart preparation, my train ticket was confirmed with the berth number. They didn't put the information like, which berth it is? Is it Lower, Middle, Upper, SideLower or SideUpper.
I was curious to know the berth position. In the return journey, I thought like "why can't we know the berth position after having the berth number". And I just tried this logic in javascript because, you can give your train berth number and get the berth position in my blog itself.

Please enter your train berth number of Sleeper Class Or III Tier AC and click on the Disply Berth Position button.

I have created an Android application for this utility and its freely available in the market.
Android App supports from Android OS 2.1 Eclair and above.

You can download it from this link Train Berth Position Android App

Android app on Google Play
Train Berth Position Android App
If you have a android smartphone with QR reader then scan the below QR code to redirect you to Google Play and download the app with in no time.
Scan this QR to open app in Google Play
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Testing Sample JavaScript Code in Blog

Hi everyone,

I am testing sameple javascript in blog. Just click on the "Test". It should display an alert message.

Click Here To Test

Source Code:

<a onclick=javascript:showMessage() href="#" >Test</a>
<script language="JavaScript">function showMessage(){alert("JavaScript alert is working in this blog");}</script>

Airtel service messages

Hi everyone,
Today I came with Airtel service messages, which can be used by post-paid customers.

1.      To start ebill SMS:             STOP PAPER  <(email id)> to 121
2.      To Update your email id SMS:            UPDATE EMAIL <(email id)> to 121
3.      View last 6 months ebills by simply sending SMS:
             EBILL <(email id)> <(first 3 letters of the month)> to 121
4.      To get your ebill password SMS:         EBILL PASSWORD to 121
5.      To stop ebill SMS:              STOP EBILL to 121

Hope it will be useful.

February 22, 2011

Vodafone Services Messages which saves lot of things for us

Hi everyone,

Please pay attention, if you have a vodafone post-paid connection.

Please do this things, once you get a new post-paid connection.

Send these below messages to 111 and save lot of things.

1. Get Bills to your e-mail address: ACT LIFEGREEN to 111 (Save Trees)
2. CAN VL to 111 (De-Activate data plan which is defaultly activated by vodafone, Save Money)
3. BILL to 111(Get the Un-Billed Amount, Save Calls)

Do update your account properly, fill the details and choose the corresponding services in vodafone.

February 11, 2011

File copying based on cell value to different directories on some condition

File copying based on cell value to different directories on some condition

I have lot files to copy into two different directories. I sorted those file names in a such a way that odd row numbered file should go to the directory named "Odd" and even row numbered file should go to the directory named "Even".

I am checking whether the file exists or not in the particular directory before copying. If exists it will ask the user for confirmation and stored with suffix1.


February 10, 2011

Adjust the audio/video delay(Sync) in VLC Player

Hi all,
When I was watching the movie, I got fed up with the delay between audio and video. There is not synchronization between the voice and the scene, which is going on. So, I just got the some information to share.

In VLC Player,

Select Tools-->Effects and Filters-->Select Synchronization Tab

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Use "k" to audio delay up and "j" to audio delay down.
Use "h" to sub-title delay up and "g" to sub-title delay down.

Try these shortcuts and watch the movie happily without problem.
Send your feedback and comments.

Create a custom theme in Windows 7

Hi everyone,
If you are bored with the themes in your windows 7 .. Just create a custom theme with your own photos and icons etc.

You can create or select your own cursors, sounds, visual styles in customized theme.

Just some patience is enough to do all ..
Lets do it !!

The Theme File Format : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb773190(VS.85).aspx
Send me your customized theme to me also .. :)

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