October 31, 2014

Change IP Address and DNS from static to DHCP and vice versa in Windows Command Line Dynamically using Batch file script

Hi friends,

I was frequently changing my system network from static to dynamic.

I was fed-up with the manual changes by entering the static IP address and changing it to dynamic.

I though of creating a batch file, which requests user to select options and proceed further.


I found something on Internet, just modified it for my purpose and thought of sharing with you all.


  • Check your network name
    • cmd> netsh interface show interface
  • It will list all the network interfaces connected to your system
    • Select the network which you want to change the settings
  • Modify the below code with appropriate network name, IP address, subnet, gateway and DNS server

@echo off

set NETWORK="Local Area Connection"
set IP=

echo Choose:
echo [S] Set Static IP
echo [D] Set DHCP

SET /P C=[S,D]?
for %%? in (S) do if /I "%C%"=="%%?" goto S
for %%? in (D) do if /I "%C%"=="%%?" goto D
goto choice

@echo off
echo "Setting Static IP Address, Subnet Mask and DNS Server"
netsh interface ip set address %NETWORK% static %IP% %SUBNET% %GATEWAY% 1
netsh interface ip set dnsservers %NETWORK% static %DNSSERVER% primary
netsh interface ip show config
goto end

@echo off
echo "Resetting IP Address, Subnet Mask and DNS server For DHCP"
netsh interface ip set address name=%NETWORK% dhcp
netsh interface ip set dns %NETWORK% dhcp
ipconfig /renew

echo "New IP Address, Subnet Mast and DNS Server for %computername%:"
netsh interface ip show config
goto end


Now enjoy the feature of changing IP address with 3 clicks


Please send your feedback and comments to psrdotcom@gmail.com

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October 16, 2014

Convert windows drive or disk file system from FAT32 to NTFS without losing data

Hi all,

I had a problem with my external hard disk when copying some 25GB file.

I had troubleshoot the problem and understand that, my hard disk file system is FAT32, which can only copy max 4GB single file size


I was thinking without losing my data, how can I change the file system, so that, I copy more than 4GB sized single files

Then I come across the following commands in Windows

1) chkdsk : Check disk

2) convert : Convert disk file system


chkdsk command


cmd> chkdsk volume_letter: [options]


Checks for disk errors and fix it

cmd> chkdsk I: /f


convert command


cmd> convert volume_letter: FS:NTFS [options]


Convert volume from FAT to NTFS in verbose

cmd> convert I: /FS:NTFS /V


Possible Errors with solutions

Insufficient Memory


Nearly 4 GB files in existing FAT32 system


Move the files to local drive, do chkdsk and then convert






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