December 30, 2011

Android NDK JNI Windows xp/7 with 32/64 bit Installation Problems with Solutions in Eclipse without C/C++ CDT Plugin

Hi all,

I spent 2 days on configuring this. I read lot of blogs and instrutction steps from various sites. I would like share my experience on installing Android NDK and Working with Eclipse.

Using JNI Technology in Eclipse with Android NDK r6/r7 on Windows xp/7 Professional

  1. Java SE SDK -- Java Development Kit
  2. Eclipse Helios/Indigo -- IDE to work with Java, Android, C/C++ etc.
  3. Android SDK -- Android Applications Development Kit
  4. Android ADT Plugin for Eclipse -- Download the latest Android SDK Platform Tools
  5. C/C++ Plugin for Eclipse (Optional) -- Make sure that .c, .cpp, .h files opening from Eclipse
  6. Android NDK (r6/r7) -- Native development i.e. Running c libraries in Android
  7. Cygwin 1.7.x or above -- Makefile creation, Library file creation tools, Compiling C files

  1. Install the Java Development Kit
  2. Install the Android SDK and ADT Plugin with Eclipse
  3. [Optional] Install CDT plugin for Eclipse
  4. Download and extract the Android NDK
  5. Install Cygwin 1.7.x or above
Note: Don't extract in a folder where folder name is having spaces in between words.
"Program Files" -- Don't Use
"ProgramFiles" -- Use

Please make sure that you have set the environment variables like
  • JAVA_HOME -- Java Home Directory
  • NDK_HOME -- Android NDK Home Directory
  • Update Path Variable with JDK Bin folder
Creating Android Application
  • In Eclipse, Select File->New->Android Project
  • Enter the Project Name and Click on "Next" button
  • Select the "Build Target", I opted for Android 2.2, SDK 8 Version and Click on "Next" button
  • In Application Info dialog, enter the "Package Name" and Select "Finish" button
  • Now, you can see the newly created SampleNDK project in the eclipse project explorer window

  • Eclipse Workspace Folder: D:\Workspace
  • Android Application Name: SampleNDK
  • Android Application Working Folder: D:\Workspace\SampleNDK
  • Package Name: com.samplendk
  • Android Application Source Folder: D:\Workspace\SampleNDK\src

Source of
package com.samplendk;

import android.os.Bundle;

public class SampleNDKActivity extends Activity {
    //Declare the native method
    private native String invokeNativeFunction();
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        //Call the native methods
        String hello = invokeNativeFunction();
        new AlertDialog.Builder(this).setMessage(hello).show();

  • Create a folder named "jni" in the project
    • Right click on the "SampleNDK" project-> Select "New"-> Select "Folder"->Type "jni"
  • Create files "" and "native.c" in Jni folder
    • Right click on the "jni" folder-> Select "New"-> Select "File"->Type ""
    • Right click on the "jni" folder-> Select "New"-> Select "File"->Type "native.c"
  • After Creating those folder and files, the project explorer window look like this
  • Do some continuous steps.
    • Build, Refresh, and Clean project
      • Right Click on the "SampleNDK" project and Select the "Build Project"
      • Select "Sample NDK" project and Click "F5" button on keyboard
      • Select "Project" menu and Select "Clean" option

  • Create header file of the java file
    • In windows command prompt, change to project source directory
    • Syntax:
      • cmd>
      • cmd> cd ProjectDir/src

    • Example:
      • cmd> D:
      • D:\> cd SampleNDK/src
    • Run the Javah command to create header file
    • Syntax:
      • cmd> javah -jni .javafile_without_.java_extension // JDK 1.7
      • cmd> javah -classpath ..\bin\classes .javafile_without_.java_extension //JDK1.6
    • Example:
      • D:\SampleNDK\src> javah -jni com.samplendk.SampleNDKActivity //JDK1.7
      • D:\SampleNDK\src> javah -classpath ..\bin\classes com.samplendk.SampleNDKActivity //JDK1.6
    • Note:
      • Don't include the .java at the end of javah command

  • Copy the created java header file to jni folder
    • D:\SampleNDK\src> copy com_samplendk_SampleNDKActivity.h ..\jni

  • Go to Eclipse and Refresh the project by pressing "F5" on keyboard.
  • Open the header file from jni folder
  • Copy the function created by javah as shown below
  • Paste the code in native.c and change the code similar to this
Source of native.c
#include <string.h>
#include "com_samplendk_SampleNDKActivity.h"

jstring JNICALL Java_com_samplendk_SampleNDKActivity_invokeNativeFunction
  (JNIEnv *env, jobject obj)
    return (*env)->NewStringUTF(env, "Hello from native function !!");

Source of
LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
# Here we give our module name and source file(s)
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := native.c


  • Run Cygwin.bat file in the Cygwin installed directory
  • It will open the cygwin command prompt
  • Change the directory to SampleNDK project directory
    • Note: All the drives in your systems are mounted to some directory in the cygwin.
    • To see your drive mount points type mount
    • # mount
  • # cd /cygdrive/d/SampleNDK/
  • Run the ndk-build command from the android ndk directory
    • # /cygdrive/d/android-ndk-r7/ndk-build

  • Error(Only in Android-ndk-r7):
  • You may get some error like the following
    • /awk.exe: can't open file check-awk.awk
    • Andoid NDK: Host 'awk' tool is outdated. Please define
    • HOST-Awk to Point to Gawk or Nawk !
  • Resolution:
    • Goto the android-ndk/prebuilt/windows/bin/
    • Change the awk.exe to awk_.exe

  • Now you may see the following output after successful execution
  • After successful creating file, refresh your Eclipse project
  • You can see the updated "Project Explorer" with "libs" folder in the tree hierarchy
  • Update the java source code now by adding this library to it
Source code of
package com.samplendk;

import android.os.Bundle;

public class SampleNDKActivity extends Activity {

    //Declare the native method
    private native String invokeNativeFunction();
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        //Call the native methods
        String hello = invokeNativeFunction();
        new AlertDialog.Builder(this).setMessage(hello).show();

  • Clean the project by Selecting "Project"->"Clean"
  • Run the application as "Android Application"
  • Note:
    • Error:
      • java.lang.unsatisfiedLinkError Library -- not found
    • Resolution:
      • Please see if you have added the "lib" in java source before adding the library in System.loadLibrary() method
  • Please find the screenshot of above running program in emulator

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Eclipse C C++ CDT Plugin Download and Installation with Link or Location Problem Solution

Hi all,

If you are using Eclipse with Java or any other platform and you are planning to install the C/C++(CDT) Plugin then please follow the steps.

Installation Steps:
  • In Eclipse, Click the Help->"Install New Software"
  • You will get a Install named window
  • Click "Add" button
  • Please remove the dot(.) at the end while adding the CDT Plugin location from the link.
  • In "Install" Window, "Work with" textbox, please type the CDT and you will prompted with different options, Select the desired option and click/hit "Enter/Return" button.
  • It will show the similar kind of screen as shown below
  • You can select the all/desired tools to download
  • Please "Restart Eclipse" to complete the CDT Plugin installation for Eclipse
  • Now you can develop your C/C++ applications with Eclipse

Happy Coding ..

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December 28, 2011

Facebook Timeline Feature Wall Design Update Procedure

Hi all,

Today I have update the new Facebook Timeline Feature. You can also update to Facebook Timeline but it is allowing us to use a trail period of 7 days. Hope this layout wall design will be liked by more persons?

Steps to update the Facebook Timeline:
  • Login with your username and password into Facebook
  • Type "Timeline" in the search box (top)
  • Select the "Introducing Timeline" as shown below

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December 27, 2011

Java Native Interface (JNI) in Netbeans with C/C++ and Java Hello World Sample Source Code

Hi all,

Today I configured the Netbeans IDE to work with Java Native Interface (JNI).

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK)
  2. Cygwin (or) MinGW & MSYS
  3. NetBeans IDE with Java and C/C++ Bundle

  • Install JDK
  • Install Cygwin (or) MinGW&MSYS
  • Note: While installing please choose the destination directory name without spaces
  • I have installed NetBeans IDE All Version, because I thought, I will need all the technologies. That is different approach.

  • Set the environment variables like JAVA_HOME and PATH with Java Installation Directory and JDK bin, Cygwin/MinGW&MSYS bin directories respectively
  • Cygwin/MinGW integration with NetBeans
  • Configure the C/C++ with Tools MinGW bin directory, which automatically fills the corresponding compilers

Source Code:

  • Create a sample java application with the following detail

package javaapp1.JavaApp1;

public class JavaApp1
public static void main(String [] args)
  new JavaApp1.nativePrint();

private native void nativePrint();

  • Clean and Build the java project
  • In Command Prompt, Navigate to Netbeans Project Directory
    • cmd> cd Netbeans/ProjectDir
  • Create the Java header file
    • cmd> javah -o JavaApp1.h -classpath JavaApp1\build\classes javaapp1.JavaApp1

  • Create a C/C++ Dynamic Library Project in Netbeans (In this example, it is CppDll1)
  • Change some of the project properties
  • Make sure that, you have downloaded and configured the proper Cygwin/MinGW with exact Architecture 32bit/64bit
  •  Make sure that you are using proper gcc for 32bit/64bit dll creation
  • Linker must be of same architecture, 32bit/64bit

  • Include the Java header file, which we have created in Java Project.
    • Right click on the "Source Files"-> Select "Add an Existing Item"
    • Select the created header file from Project Home Directory
    • (OR)
    • Manually copy the created header file from Project home directory to CppDll directory
  • Create a C Source file in "Source Files" in CppDll1 project
 #include "JavaApp1.h"

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_javaapp1_JavaApp1_nativePrint(JNIEnv *env, jobject obj)
    printf("\nHello World from C\n");  
  • Clean and Build the C code. I have faced the following issue.
    • Issues Faced:
      • I am using Windows 7 64-bit and installed Jdk 64-bit. But initially I have installed MinGW 32 bit and it is generating only 32 bit DLL which is not suitable to run the Java application in NetBeans.
    • Resolution:
      • Downloaded MinGW 64 bit and configured in the NetBeans C/C++ Options
  • Copy the .dll file path
  • In Java project, open the main class and add the following content
package javaapp1.JavaApp1;

public class JavaApp1
  System.load("dll file path");
public static void main(String [] args)
  new JavaApp1.nativePrint();

private native void nativePrint();
  • Clean and Build the project
  • Run the Java project to see the final JNI output.


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December 24, 2011

Customize Command Prompt in Windows 7 with your own Icon, Starting Directory and more settings ...

Hi all,

Are you getting bored with the same command prompt with black colored background and other settings?

You can customize your own command prompt and you can start from the preferred location (Directory) path, choose your own icon and lot more.

Go ahead by following the below steps ..

Creating the shortcut icon on Destop
  1. Right click on the desktop, select "New" -> "shortcut"
  2. Browse for the command prompt executable file "cmd.exe"
  3. If you have installed your Operating System in C drive then the path might be similar to this
  4. C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
  5. Click on "Next"
  6. Type the name for this shortcut, something like "MyCmdPrompt"
  7. Click on "Finish"
  8. Now you can see your command prompt named of your own choice
  9. Now, you can change some properties of your command prompt

Changing the properties of the custom command prompt

  • Right click on the newly created shortcut from the Desktop
  • Select "Shortcut" tab and change the following settings
  1. Change the starting directory: Specify your own choice of directory path in the "Start in" box.
  2. Default Start in path: C:\Windows\System32
  3. Change the icon of your own choice: Click on "Change Icon" and Click on "Browse" button and Select the "C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll" to list all the windows installed icons.
  4. Select an icon of your own choice and Click on "Ok"
  5. Run as Administrator by default: Click "Advanced" button, Select "Run as administrator" and Click "Ok"
  • Select "Options" tab and change the following settings
    1. Check "Quick Edit mode" to copy and paste easily
  • Select "Font" tab and change the following settings
    1. select your desired "Font" and "Size" settings
  • Select "Layout" tab and change the following settings
  1. select your desired "Window Size"
  2. Note: To see a bigger screen, increase the "Width and Height" attributes of the "Window Size"
  3. You can preview, your settings in the left side preview
  • Select "Colors" tab, You might be bored by seeing the same black and white combination.
  1. Choose your desired colors for Background, Foreground colors for both the "Screen" and "Pop-Up screen"
  • Click on "Apply" and then "Ok" to see your own command prompt.

Hope this post is useful to you customize your own Command Prompt in Windows 7.

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December 22, 2011

Netbeans Plugin Install, Update, Problem, Troubleshoot

Dear all,

I was facing an issue while updating my netbeans. It was showing the following screen

I tried to  resolve this problem by checking the proxy configuration, firewall configuration, refreshing the content. None of them solved my problem.
Note: You please try all those settings, it may work for you. If none the above configuration solves your problem then follow the below solutions.

I have found 2 solutions to resolve/troubleshoot this problem.

a) Manual Update
  1. Copy the path of the networking problem link
  2. Download the .nbm file
  3. In Netbeans, Click on Tools (Menu) -> Select "Plugins" option
  4. Select the tab "Downloaded" -> Click "Add Plugins"
  5. Choose the appropriate .nbm file from the downloaded directory
  6. Click "Open" to view in the "Downloaded" tab
  7. Check the plugin and Click on "Install" button
  8. Now the Netbeans plugin will be updated and it will auto download the dependencies
Note: Above Screens are of Netbeans IDE 7.0.1. For your netbeans IDE the options may be different menus but the procedure is same.
  • Pros: Easy to install the specified/chosen plugin and update
  • Cons:
    • Issue: While updating, if it was not able to get the dependency, then it will show the same "Networking Problem"
    • Resolution: Follow the same procedure from step 1

b) Automatic Update:

  1. In Netbeans, Click on Tools (Menu) -> Select "Plugins" option
  2. Select the tab "Settings"
  4. Click "Add" button to add a plugin update center
  6. Enter the name and path of the plugin update center and Click on "OK"
  7. It will auto-refresh the plugins available
Install Plugin:
You can download many netbeans plugins from "Available Plugins" tab of "Plugins" window.
Install your own choice of plugins and enjoy application development with Netbeans.

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December 19, 2011

Converting Power Point Presentation (PPT) to Images and Conversion of Images to PPT

Hi all,
Today I was searching for converting the slideshow to images and doing some batch processing to the images like crop, resize, filename change and again making ppt with the modified images.

I followed the below procedure to convert my slides in ppt to images, cropping the images and finally making slideshow with edited images.
  • Converting slides to images
    1. (MS Office 2007) Office Button (Top-Left) -> Save As ->  Other Formats
    2. Choose the corresponding destination folder
    3. Choose "Save as type" as "JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)"
    4. One pop-up comes with the following options
      • Every Slide: This option saves every slide to an individual image
      • Current Slide: This option saves only the current slide to an image
    5. Choose relevant option to you
  • Batch Processing the images
    1. I have seen one video from youtube and I was impressed with the Irfan View working with batch processing of images
    2. Please see the below video and do the batch processing of images
  • Uploading images to PPT
    1. (MS Office 2007) Click on "Insert" tab and select "Photo Album" -> "New Photo Album"
    2. Select the image(s), which you would like to add in the presentation.
This kind of approach makes our lives easy.

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December 17, 2011

Write in Telugu in your computer, website, blog for e-readers and e-writers

Hi Telugu e-writers,

I found something very interesting for you in Hyderabad Book Fair 2011.

There are some stalls for Telugu language where they are offering us to read, write in Telugu in our computer.

Please visit link to use the computer in Telugu language.

If you are interested to write in Telugu

Debian Operating System is customized with Telugu font and all the menus and typing has been done in Telugu.The Operating System CD costs Rs. 100/-


Type in Indian languages in Computer Applications like MS Word, Notepad, Browser etc

Hi all,

I am very happy to share this information. We sometimes feel like typing the content in our native speaking language. Now we can type in our native language by using any one of the following tools.

I personally tried with Google IME and I am impressed on Windows 7 Professional

Google IME Installation:
  1. Download the Google IME from this link
  2. Select your OS type (32-bit/64-bit)
  3. Click on "Download Google IME"
  4. Install the software and the installation will take sometime.
Note: For more detailed Google IME installation steps, please visit this link

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Installation:
  1. Download the tool from this link
  2. You can see two versions of downloads
  3. Web Version -- Browser
  4. Desktop Version -- Computer PC
  5. Download the relevant version for you and install it
Vishal's Pramukh:
Download the different versions of tools for your individual purposes like browser, JavaScript development library, HTML Editor
Download Link:

Typing in Desired Language:
  1. Right click on the taskbar -> Select Toolbars -> Select Language Bar
  2. You will find the language bar with currently using language for typing the content. Default: EN (English)
  3. Open the Microsoft Word
  4. We can change the language by selecting the EN from taskbar to Desired Language which are listed.
  5. Type in your language by following the suggestions while typing in English.

If you find any difficulty in typing your native language, please mail to 


Adobe Digital Editions free eBook, Digital Publications reader

Hi all,

We can download free eBook reader called from Adobe Digital Editions. It is awesome to use and read the eBook from it. You can purchase the digital eBooks and read from it.

Installation Steps:
1) Please visit this
2) In the "Install Digital Editions" Section, One separate frame named "Adobe Digital Editions Installer" with any one of the following

  a) System (Error):
      "Sorry, but your system does not meet the minimum system requirements"
  b) Install: Click on install to to start the installation
       -> Download the executable and Install the software
       -> Give your Adobe ID if exists at the time of installation
  c) Launch: If the software already installed, it will launch the application
3) For testing, you can download the sample eBooks from adobe digital editions sample library
4) Click the downloaded item to view in Adobe Digital Editions

Enjoy the eBook reading. The digital editions available in different languages.


December 16, 2011

Hyderabad Book Fair / Festival 2011

Hi all,

Today I have visited Hyderabad 26th Book Festival at People's Plaza, Neckles Road, Hyderabad.
I come to know about this book festival, through my friend.

The book festival dates and timings as follows:

15 December 2011 to 25 December 2011

2PM to 9PM (Monday to Friday)
12Noon to 9PM (Saturday and Sunday)

There are different types of books available for pre-school children to retired persons.

Those who wants to buy Telugu, English novels and Spirtual, Devotional books, they must visit the book festival.

I have bought Swami Vivekananda Auto Biography and Swamy Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Biography books.
Since, It was a book festival, they gave 10% discount also.

If you buy books worth more than Rs. 200 then please visit the Kinige, stall No. 109. You will get some gift amount coupon (send to e-mail) to buy e-books from Kinige Web Store

At Kinige stall, you can participate in quiz to answer a question. If you are unable to choose the correct answer they will give another chance with another question. If you can answer any one the question, then you will get gift amount (send to e-mail) to buy e-books from Kinige Web Store.

You need to create an account in Kinige and then Recharge your account with the coupon to buy the e-books. You need to install adobe digital editions to view the e-book.

Please hurry up and buy your own books.


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December 14, 2011

Book Aakash and Pre Order UBISlate 7, Low cost Android tablet in India

Hi all,
If you want to use cheap and best Android tablet in India, then go for Aakash and UbiSlate 7 ( An upgraded version of Aakash ).

Aakash Details:

1) Runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo)
2) Wi-Fi Connectivity
3) External Memory Card Support (2GB - 32GB)
4) Cost: Rs. 2500/- (Pay cash on delivery)

i) Very low cost tablet
ii) External memory support

i) Less battery backup
ii) No phone functionality

UbiSlate 7 Details:

1) Runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
2) Phone functionality with SIM card
3) GPRS, Wi-Fi connectivity
4) Cost: Rs. 2999/- (Pay cash on delivery)

i) Phone call facility
ii) GPRS connectivity
ii) Improved battery backup

i) Android version

For more details about the Indian low price tablet Aakash and UbiSlate 7, please refer the original link

Order/Pre-book Details:

Aakash is already released and we can order now with the following link
Note: Timings 8AM to 8PM only

UbiSlate 7 is ready to launch in January 2012 and we can pre-order with the following link

November 25, 2011

Apply New, Change/Correct Your Voter Card Details Online in India

Dear all,

Choosing our leader is the gift which we are doing in India through elections. To do that, we need to have an voter card to utilize our vote.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Electrol Officer has come with a website, where we can do the following things.

1) Apply our voter cards online
2) Corrections in the voter card details
3) Know your status of the voter card application
4) Transpose your location (Change in the location)
4) Know your assembly constituency by giving your location
5) Know your electoral rolls (Which poling booth you need to vote)
and lot more.

Please make use of this and vote for your leader.


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November 24, 2011

Android Video Screen Capture on PC and Mac tool

Hi Andoird Developers/Users,

Today I have come across, Android Video Screen Display on PC and Mac.

Please follow these steps to see your mobile screen on PC/Mac

a) We should have android-sdk installed on our PC/Mac. If it is not installed, then please download from this link
b) We should have JRE installed on our PC/Mac. If it is not installed, then please download from this link
c) Please know your android-sdk installation directory.
d) Make sure that, we have installed our device USB driver.
e) Please use the USB debugging mode while connecting to the PC/Mac.

Run the following commands in terminal
i) cd /platform-tools/
ii) adb devices

Note: is a directory, where you have installed the android sdk software.

By now our device will be recognized and ready to use (Don't disconnect the device).

iii) Download and Run the tool to display Android Device Screen

iv) If JRE is installed properly, we can run the tool just by double-clicking on it.
Through command prompt, we can run the following command.
iv) cd
v) javaws androidscreencast.jnlp

Now we can see the mobile screen on the PC. We can record the screen by selecting the record menu.

1. androidscreencast - Project Hosting on Google Code

For any queries, mail to

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Wireless Drivers after upgrading Linux Kernel

Dear Macbook Pro Ubuntu users,

Today I have upgraded to the latest linux kernel

My wireless connectivity is gone after rebooting.

Then I followed the same procedure to install/activate the wireless drivers

After every kernel upgrade, please do the above procedure.

Now, my wireless connection is working on Macbook Pro.

Enjoy wireless with your Macbook Pro on Ubuntu.

November 17, 2011

SMS to activate and/or modify BSNL Friends and Family Offer

Hi friends,

BSNL has launched new offers

1. We can choose our own number online

2. Bandham Plan: Call to your landline free unlimited times, 2 local BSNL numbers @ 20paise/Min and one STD BSNL number @ 30paise/Min
Note: Landline registration should be on your name

3. Vennela-Match Plan: Call to your Family and Friends at cheaper price.
Total 5 Numbers, can be BSNL and other Network also

Call Charges:
Friends and Family 5 Nos
20paise/Min -- BSNL Number within AP

40paise/Min -- Other network within AP
Other than those 5 numbers
1p/Min for Local/STD

To use the above offer(s), we need to activate by sending SMS. Please follow the below procedure

You can activate/modify BSNL Friends and Family offer by sending an SMS to 53733.

Bandham Plan Family and Friends activation
Syntax: FFE
ex: FFE 94xxxxxxx1 94xxxxxxx2 94xxxxxxx3
Note: We must choose all 3 numbers(2 Local and 1 STD) while activating(for Bandham Plan).

Vennela-Nestham Plan Family and Friends activation

Syntax: FFE
ex: FFE 94xxxxxxx1 94xxxxxxx2 94xxxxxxx3 94xxxxxxx4 94xxxxxxx5
Note: We must choose all 5 local numbers while activating(for Vennela-Nestham Plan).

Family and Friends Number Modification
Syntax: FFM
ex: FFE 94xxxxxxx1 94xxxxxxx2
Note: Number Modification charges Rs. 5/- per change

Checking/Verifying the Friends and Family offer by calling *124#

These Local and STD numbers can be Mobile or Landline (As per BSNL Customer Care)

I am using these plans within my family, if you like it, better use it.


For queries, send mail to

November 15, 2011

Very Useful GMail Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi Friends,

I would like to share the existing GMail keyboard shortcuts information with you. It will be very useful to fasten your mail usage.

First make sure that, you have activated the "keyboard shortcuts on" from your mail settings.

Some important keyboard shortcuts are

1. Compose (New Mail) - c
2. Reply to the Sender - r
3. Reply to All - a
4. Forward Message - f
5. Select All Messages - Press * then Press a
6. Select Unread Message - Press * then Press u
7. Delete Selected Message(s) - #
8. Move selected messages to folder - v
9. Search mail - /
10. Show next message - n
11. Show previous message - p
12. Select Conversation - x
13. Show next conversation - k
14. Show previous conversation - j
15. Report spam - !
16. Undo the operation - z
17. Keyboard help - ?

You can find all the possible GMail keyboard shortcuts from this link

Keep mailing ..

For any further queries, please mail to

November 02, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 upgrade on MacBook Pro Early 2011 (13 inch) 8,1 Model booted from USB Pen Drive and Updated Wireless Drivers

Hi MacUbuntu Users,

I have upgraded Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 in Early MacBook Pro 13" (8,1) Model and the upgrade steps as follows.

1. We should have EFI boot enabled on the MacBook as per my previous post
2. Copied the Ubuntu 11.10_amd64+mac.iso to boot folder in the USB (as per the instructions from the EFI Boot)
3. Renamed the Ubuntu 11.10_amd64+mac.iso to boot.iso
4. Restarted the system and Hold the Option button
5. Select EFI (USB) to boot from the 11.10
6. After OS loading, click on Install 11.10 shortcut icon from the Desktop
7. Select Upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 option
8. Select timezone
9. Import 11.04 contacts, firefox bookmarks etc
10. It will take some time to copy and reinstall the packages
11. I got a error like, some packages are properly installed, please install manually.
12. After successfully upgrading the OS, reboot the mac.
13. When EFI display comes, please select EFI partition manager to update the grub
14. Once it has updated the grub, restart the mac and remove the USB pendrive
15. Now, you can boot to your Ubuntu 11.10 on MacBook Pro
16. Now, we need to install the wireless drivers. Please follow my previous post.
17. Then enjoy the latest Ubuntu on MacBook Pro

If you have any queries, please mail to

November 01, 2011

Firefox 7 Preferences Files has been changed

Hi everyone,

The developers who want to customise their latest Firefox 7, there is no pref.js (preferences file, which we used to configure the firefox) and user.js (user preferences file).

We can use one and only one preferences file named syspref.js to configure the default firefox.

In Ubuntu it is located under /usr/lib/firefox-7.0.x/defaults/pref/syspref.js

Here we can configure our default homepage and proxies etc.

We can do the same by typing about:config in the browser address bar.

Update your browser and set up according to your convenience.

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October 31, 2011

Ubuntu Installation on MacBook Pro with Wireless Drivers

Dear All,

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on MacBook Pro 13" with Wireless drivers successfully.

Since the 2.6.x.x version doesn't support default Apple MacBook Pro wireless drivers, I have installed it manually.

To install Ubuntu on Mac, I followed these steps
1. Installed rEFIt
2. By using Disk Utility in Mac Lion X, created empty partition
3. Downloaded CD of Ubuntu for Mac edition
4. I have booted the CD by holding the option key while restarting.
5. Install the Ubuntu.
6. Update Ubuntu with available updates.
7. Use some techniques to reduce the heat from board, Keyboard, Bluetooth, Mouse by following this link
8. But Mouse gestures and Wireless didn't worked for me when I followed the above method.
9. I followed this link, which makes me to connect to Wireless LAN successfully.

Now trying for mouse gestures to work and keyboard backlight control. Hope I will get it soon.

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October 26, 2011

Convert/Print File in PDF

Hi all,

Today I have come across one useful thing, which is PDF Printer.

If you want to print your file(s) or convert your file(s) to PDF then you can use this method.

Ex: IRCTC Ticket, you can directly save in PDF file format.

Download Bullzip PDF Printer and install it.

While installing it will ask us to install ghostscript dependencies. Please allow it to download and finish the installation.

After successful installation, you can see the bullzip printer from printers from control panel.
While printing you can select bullzip printer to save/convert into PDF file format.

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October 15, 2011

Successfully Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 after solving the problem

Hi Ubuntu Lovers,

I have upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to Ubuntu 11.10.

While upgrading I have faced an issue like "Network Configuration" at the time of booting.

1. While booting, press Ctrl+Alt+F1. Then it will show you Single User mode.
2. Login with user existing credentials (Use Administrator privileged account)
3. $ sudo apt-get update
4. $ sudo dpkg --configure -a
5. It solved my problem and now I am successfully able to login to Ubuntu 11.10

I have see and explore Ubuntu 11.10 now ..

October 01, 2011

Ubuntu Enable/Disable Laptop TouchPad with a mouse click or Automatically

Hi everyone,

When I was searching for Ubuntu live desktops, I found the following as an interesting for Ubuntu users.

We can install a software which can Enable/Disable Laptop TouchPad with a click.

Please see this link

Please see the related link, which can automatically Disables/Enable the Touchpad when External mouse connected.

Note: The above link has mixed responses.

September 28, 2011

SSH Versus SSL (Difference)

Hi everyone,

I googled and found out some differences.

SSH protocol is mainly used for shell based solutions and won’t be used to protect web browsing sessions and other application services 
SSL protocol is mainly used for secure http sessions (HTTPS). Now a days, all browsers are coming with built in SSL Protocol support with CA(Certification Authority) root certificates.  We no need to configure to use the SSL. No extra client software needed to use SSL.

SSH protocol is used to remotely login to remote network system/server and execute commands.

SSL protocol is used to send the data/files securely to a remote and/or network system.


September 22, 2011

MapmyIndia versus Google maps comparision

MapmyIndia Vs GoogleMaps

India maps provider, Once installed use everywhere to see the directions from source to destination
Worldwide maps provider, App will installed and we should have active GPRS/Wi-Fi connection to get the directions from source to destination
Cost: Rs. 1990(e-Download), Rs.2490(Courier)
Adv: Once installed, we can view map of any place without GPRS/Wi-Fi connectivity
Adv: Updates will happen frequently
          Free of cost
Limitation: GPRS/Wi-Fi required to know our current location and to get active directions
Disadv: GPRS/Wi-Fi connection required compulsory

  1. Take a phone with aGPS(Assisted Global Positioning System) and install Google Maps
  2. References: 
  3. If you want to buy MapmyIndia product then go for e-Download

September 20, 2011

Windows 7 64-bit Printing Issue, XPS to OneNote Convertion as Solution

Hi everyone,
Today I have come across with an issue while taking print. In 32-bit Windows Os, We can have adobe reader in printer to save the print file in .pdf format (or) OneNote to store the print content as page(s) by the option "Send to OneNote".

In 64-bit OS, Only the XPS viewer is defaultly added in the Printers list. We are unable to add either Adobe PDF or Send to OneNote.

1) Print the file in .xps format then convert into pdf or OneNote for viewing and editing.
2) Convertion of XPS to PDF, I have already explained in one of my previous post.
3) Converting XPS to OneNote can be done in the following manner.
4) Download the file XPS2OneNoteSetup.msi
5) Install the file xps2onenotesetup.msi.
6) Print the file and save as xps file.
7) Drag and Drop the xps file to the folder "XPS Print to OneNote Drop Folder", which is on Desktop.
8) We can see the following window to select different option of print to onenote
9) Select the relevant section and store the file as per your choice by selecting "Print to single page/multiple pages"
10) Then you can do edit, copy, paste and etc operations to the file.

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Porteus Linux : Make USB Pen Drive Bootable Sctipt Execution Problem With Solution

Hi all,

Today I have come across one interesting problem with the Porteus Linux.

I formatted my USB drive with ext2 filesystem.

I was trying to make USB drive bootable by executing, after installing the Porteus.
It was displaying the md5 checksum computation error. But I am sure that, md5 checksum is correct, Because I have already executed the porteus/ separately

So, I have reviewed the code of and I come to know the it is executing the boot/syslinus/ I also reviewed the and I come to know that, it is trying to execute the following command.

pushd ../porteus --Change to the porteus directory and maintain the stack of dirs
sh -- Results error
popd --Pops the porteus directory from stack and comes to its previous directory

Please give write file permission to boot/syslinus/ and then

Please modify it as following
pushd ../porteus

Now run the following commands
cd boot

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September 17, 2011

Android Apps Downloading Problem

Hi Android Users,

If you are facing, app download issue with your new Android device please follow these steps.

1. First disable the Wi-Fi connection, because even GPRS is on, Wi-Fi takes high priority.
2. Make sure that your GPRS is working properly
3. Connect to your GTalk in Android Mobile with your username and password
4. Now register into Android Market
5. Try to download the any app with GPRS for testing.
6. Connect to Wi-Fi and fastly you can download the apps.

By now, you should be able to download the any android marked app successfully.

We have tried to download the app with wi-fi connection, it will show downloading for long time. Never downloaded the app successfully.

With this method, we were able to download the app successfully.

After doing the download testing with GPRS, you can switch back to your Wi-Fi connection and download the apps.

For any further queries and clarification, contact me on

September 12, 2011

Ubuntu Block/Close/Disable All Ports & Open Required Ports

Hi everyone,

I thought of blocking all my system ports and allow only http(s) ports. Because I am not going to use any others ports except http(s).

With IPkungfu tool, it is possible to block all the ports and allow the necessary ports.

Installing IPkungfu
# apt-get install ipkungfu

Configure IPkungfu
1) /etc/ipkungfu/ipkungfu.conf  //Change the firewall settings
2) /etc/ipkungfu/services.conf  //Change the Port settings
    Syntax: ServiceName: ServicePort:Protocol[:ACCEPT]
       http:80:tcp:ACCEPT  //Allow Port
       ftp:21:tcp  //Block Port

Test IPkungfu
# ipkungfu --test


Reliance Netconnect Plus Windows 7 Installation Problem Solved

Hi all,

In my friend laptop, we tried to install Reliance Netconnect Plus. After successful installation, it was not connected to the internet.

When I googled, I found one solution, which worked for me.

Please uninstall the existing Reliance Netconect Plus, If it is already installed.

Steps Involved:
1. Right click on the Setup.exe file and click on "Properties"
2. Click on "Compatibility" Tab
3. Click on "Show Settings for All Users" button
4. Now, change the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" to Windows 7
5. (Optional) Check the "Run this program as Administrator" option

It worked with my Desktop, Windows 7 Professional OS.

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September 09, 2011

Place favicon for your blog which displays in address bar

Hi all,

Place your favicon for your blogspot blog. Please follow the steps.
1. Login to your blog, click on Design-> Layout
2. Click on favicon Edit link
3. Upload the .ico file of your favicon
Note: To convert the image(.jpg, .png, etc) file to .ico file,  we can use online link or we can use any picture editing software like GIMP
4. After uploading the favicon .ico file, click on save
Note: It will take some time to upload the favicon to your blog. Please wait for some hours.

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September 08, 2011

Decode MD5 Hash Value *

Hi everyone,

One of my friend asked me about decoding the hash value. When I searched in internet, I found one hash decrypter. But it is having very limited decryption technique like only chars in plain text.

For online MD5 Encoder:

Any how, you can try these decoders

Anyway, once you insert some new string hash value in database, then it will display. Else if you put your new string with special characters and all. Then it won't work.

Happy Decoding !!!

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Wireshark Network Captured (Sniffed) Packets Data

Hi everyone,

I am googling for some network related stuff. I found that, there are sample packet captures from Wireshark for our network packets testing.

Here is the link

We can have all most all kind of protocol and protocol families packets in different file extensions.

Use these captured packets and explore more on network sniffing, replay etc.

If you want packets from more sources. In the above link they are providing that also.

All the best !!

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September 06, 2011

Display your favourite icon for your website in address bar

Hi everyone,

As per my friend request, I have searched for display an icon in the address bar for the website.
It will be useful for website developers.

Please follow this procedure to display icon in address bar for your website:
1. We much have an image in .ico format.
If we don't have an .ico file and have any picture formatted file like .jpeg, .png, then we can convert that into .ico format by using online link or we can use any picture editing software like GIMP
2. After having the .ico file, edit your webpage source code html file
3. Place this following code in between head tag.
4. Open in Firefox, Chrome to view this icon in the address bar.
Note: In IE it may not support

i. Online .ico generator

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August 23, 2011

Running SLAX Linux on VMWare

Hi all,
Today I come across running SLAX in VMWare. I got some information after googling and I modified accordingly to install in VMWare.

Please follow this procedure to install SLAX on VMWare

1. Open VMWare Workstation
2. Create New Workstation by selecting File->New (or) Just Clicking on New Virtual Machine icon
3. Click Other Operating System
4. Don't get panic even it shows, operating system not detected
5. Select appropriate options and start the virtual machine
6. Select the Graphical Mode KDE option for booting
7. It will display KDE Environment
8. Open konsole/command prompt and execute the following commands
9. Create a partition (type 83 Linux), # cfdisk
10. Select New->Primary for disk creation.
11. Select Type->83(Linux) for file system
12. Select Bootable Flag
13. Select Write to confirm the settings

14. By now, we have one disk created for installing the SLAX Operating System
15. # mke2fs /dev/hda1
     Note: Here /dev/hda1 because we have selected drive type as IDE at SLAX VMWare installation. If we select SCSI, it will show /dev/sda1
16. # mkdir /mnt/hda1
17. # mount -t ext2 /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1
18. # cp -rf /mnt/live/mnt/hdc/* /mnt/hda1/ -- Copying CDROM Contents
      Note: /mnt/live/mnt/hdc is the cdrom which detected in OS. Path may change, when you trying. So, please see on which location the cdrom is mounted and specify that path to copy the contents.
19. # cd /mnt/hda1/boot
20. # sh
21. When script is running, it will ask us to press ENTER; Please do it.
22. Now we have successfully installed the SLAX on VMWare
23. Please reboot the OS just by entering # init 6
24. Username: root, Password: toor
25. Enter startx to view the KDE environment


August 22, 2011

Find Differences between two files/folders and change or merge content

Hi all,

When I was working with 2 similar kind of files. Both files will have the same content except some few changes in words or lines. I was experimenting on one file and i finalized the file. I don't want to repeat the same steps in 2nd file, as what I have done for the 1st file.

I remembered one command in UNIX called diff, which will get the differences from 2 files. So, I have searched for similar command in Windows and I got DiffMerge GUI tool.

DiffMerge is an application, which shows the differences between 2 files visually to the user. It got one more weapon called merging the content.
Once we found the differences between 2 files, we can change or merge the content in the file. It is just a click away.

I personally felt that, this will be very useful for the developers, who are developing similar kind of programs for two or more different clients.


August 17, 2011

Cloud Computing Basics

Hi everyone,
I have understand something about cloud computing and wants to share with you.

Cloud Computing mainly needed for the following 3 services
1. SAAS (Software As A Service): Where users can use the online-software tools
    ex: Google docs, zoho, pixlr, jaycut, aviry, netsuite, salesforce
2. PAAS (Platform As A Service): Where users can maintains online app development
    ex: Google App Engine, MS Azure, SalesForce
3. IAAS(Infrastructure As A Service): Where users can lease the infrastructure
    ex: Amazon EC(Elastic Compute)2, rackspace, gogrid

Correct if I am wrong in with my above explanation.
1. Explaining Computing
2. Youtube

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August 16, 2011

GMail Mouse Gestures to navigate between e-mail messages

Hi everyone,
Are you fed-up with clicking on next or previous message in GMail. GMail is providing Mouse Gestures Labs features.
Just hold the mouse right button, and move the mouse to left or right to see the previous or next message correspondingly.
I liked the feature. If you want to try just have a trail. Its awesome.

Internet Explorer 7 and below is not supporting it fully. Please try in Firefox 3 or Google Chrome 8 or above

Click on the below link for redirection your GMail labs, You should login before clicking on this link.

1) Click on the settings icon (Top-Right Corner), select mail settings.
2) Select Labs Tab, search for "Mouse", you will get a feature named "Mouse gestures"
3) Select Enable to try the feature.

Hold Right Mouse Button and do the following
  i) Move left --> Previous Message
  ii) Move Right --> Next Message
  iii) Move up --> Parent folder (Inbox default)

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August 09, 2011

Java/Android Currency (Money) Field Validation

Hi everyone,

Today, I have come across one situation where money(currency) field has to be validated. According to Indian currency, we will consider 2 digits after period(.)

When I want to validate the particular field, I have tried with substring() and indexOf() methods. But I am not getting the expected result. I want to have the output ending with .##, So, I have come to know about NumberFormat class from java.text package.

Here goes sample code with output:
Input: 234 / 234.232 / 234.3
Output: 234.0 / 234.23 / 234.3

NumberFormat nf = new DecimalFormat(".##");
System.out.println("Input: "+234+"Output: "+nf.format(234));

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June 24, 2011

Android Number Input Field Validation

Input Field Validation:


editText.setOnFocusChangeListener(new OnFocusChangeListener(){
                public void onFocusChange(View v,boolean hasFocus)
                    //check for emptiness
                    else if(!numberValidation(editText.getText().toString()))
                        editText.setError("Only Numbers");

In main.xml add,

EditText tag, android:numeric="integer/number/decimal"


May 27, 2011

MD5, SHA1 checksum with Example to check the hash value for Integrity

What is hashing, everyone talks about hashing, data integrity etc.

let me explain with an example.

Download some file source or executable with md5 and sha1, for example purpose we used OpenSSL
Downloaded openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz, MD5 and SHA1

Now we will compute md5 and sha1 from our side and verify, whether downloaded file is not modified by any other user.

Download FCIV(File Checksum Integrity Verifier) in windows. In Linux, use md5sum, sha1sum to check the integrity of the file.

I have tried the following commands in Windows

// Computing md5 of the file
E:\> fciv.exe -add openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz
40b6ea380cc8a5bf9734c2f8bf7e701e openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz

// Comparing with the downloaded md5 file
E:\> type openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz.md5

// Computing sha1 of the file
E:\> fciv.exe -add openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz -sha1
32ca934f380a547061ddab7221b1a34e4e07e8d5 openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz

// Comparing with the downloaded sha1 file
E:\> type openssl-1.0.0d.tar.gz.sha1

Now, we can say that, file integrity was maintained.

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May 18, 2011

Boot Windows XP, Vista, 7 from USB Pen Drive

Hi everyone,
I was thinking that, How can I get rid of carrying DVD to install OS on friend's laptop. When I googled, I got some useful info and want to share with you ppl.

Please use the following commands to make USB Bootable with Windows OS

STEP 1: Make USB Ready to made bootable

1) Run Diskpart, In Windows Vista and 7 it has come default, I think in Windows XP you need to install Diskpart.
2) New Window with Diskpart as prompt will be opened.
3) See the connected disks by running
    DISKPART> list disk
4) Select the USB disk with its name of the list disk command output. The output usually comes as disk 0, disk 1 etc.
   DISKPART> select disk 1
5) Clean the disk by typing the command
   DISKPART> clean
6) Make the disk partition as primary
   DISKPART> create partition primary
7) Select the partition
   DISKPART> select partition 1
8) Activate the partition
   DISKPART> active
9) Format the partition with NTFS filesystem
   DISKPART> format fs=NTFS
10) Type following command to exit
   DISKPART> assign
   DISKPART> exit

Now the disk is formatted and ready to made bootable

STEP 2: Make USB Bootable

Make USB drive as bootable by executing following commads
1) Insert or mount the Windows OS disk
     Ex: DVD Drive path say G:
2) Use the bootsect.exe to make the USB bootable.
  a) Open CommandPrompt
  b) Change the directory to G:
      cmd> G:
  c) Change to boot directory
      G:> cd boot
  d) Run the following command to make USB Bootable, assume USB drive is H:
      G:/boot> bootsect /nt60 h:
3) Close the command prompt
     G:/boot> exit

STEP 3: Copy OS to USB

Say Example Windows OS DVD drive is G: and USB Drive is H:
Run the following commands to copy the contents from DVD to USB
i) cmd> G:
ii) G:> copy *.* h: /Y /V (or) xcopy /s *.* h:/

STEP 4: Install Windows OS from USB Drive

Please restart and boot from the USB drive to install Windows OS


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