October 31, 2011

Ubuntu Installation on MacBook Pro with Wireless Drivers

Dear All,

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on MacBook Pro 13" with Wireless drivers successfully.

Since the 2.6.x.x version doesn't support default Apple MacBook Pro wireless drivers, I have installed it manually.

To install Ubuntu on Mac, I followed these steps
1. Installed rEFIt
2. By using Disk Utility in Mac Lion X, created empty partition
3. Downloaded CD of Ubuntu for Mac edition
4. I have booted the CD by holding the option key while restarting.
5. Install the Ubuntu.
6. Update Ubuntu with available updates.
7. Use some techniques to reduce the heat from board, Keyboard, Bluetooth, Mouse by following this link
8. But Mouse gestures and Wireless didn't worked for me when I followed the above method.
9. I followed this link, which makes me to connect to Wireless LAN successfully.

Now trying for mouse gestures to work and keyboard backlight control. Hope I will get it soon.

If you have any queries, contact me at psrdotcom@gmail.com

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