December 10, 2019

Go language install and configuration in Windows and Visual Studio Code as IDE

Hi folks,

Today I am going to describe you the best way to install and configure the Go language.


From the Go language from its official web page

After installation, you would be able to program and run the code from any terminal.

What else?

Open your .go file in Visual Studio Code, it asks you something else. What was it?

"The "go-outline" command is not available. Run "go get -v" to install."

What you need to do?

First, in Visual Studio Code set the the following in "settings.json" file.

"go.toolsGopath": "C:\\Go"

Note: If you are getting the following error, then click on "Install All"
The "go-outline" command is not available. Run "go get -v" to install.

  • Get the location, where it is installing
  • Copy the bin and pkg folder contents to your Go installed folders.
  • Delete the folder which VS Code used to download the content.

That's all.. you should be able to code in Visual Studio Code as well without having 2 different go installed folders.

Happy Go coding!!

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