December 23, 2010

xps to pdf conversion

Hi everyone,
There are many ways to convert XPS to PDF conversion.
  1. Online site
    • Browse the .xps file and click on "Convert" button.
    • It will convert the file to .pdf and gives a link.
    • To save the file: Right click on the link and select "Save Linked Content As"
  2. By using pdf printer
    •  Open the .xps file in either Internet Explorer or XPS Viewer.
    • Click on Print and select any pdf printer like Ayumini PDF Converter, novaPDF Converter etc.
    • Give the output file name 
  3. By using third party softwares
    • I am googling for trusted third party softwares. If I get I will share with you all

Get the xps viewer

December 20, 2010

Wants to do alot with your pendrive like booting, portable applications, logs etc

Hi everyone,
Today I came across pen-drive portable applications and lot more things that we can do with pen-drive.

Here are some links with description
    You can find all most all application here. Which can be loaded in pen-drive and can used wherever we needed.
Note: Only windows portable application are avail.
    Protects your PC with the pen-drive.
    Need additional RAM in your computer. With pen-drive it is possible to upgrade the RAM.
    Protect your private data.
 5) Boot different Linux OSes from pendrive.

Please make use of these.

Please send your feedback and comments to me.

December 19, 2010

Indiranagar Cambridge School, RRB Examination Center, Bangalore

Hi RRB Aspirants,

If your examination center is Indiranagar Cambridge School, #52, 8th Main, 6th Cross, HAL 3rd Stage, Bangalore and wants to know the route and buses .. See this

From Silkboard, Madiwala, Koramangala, MG Road you can take 201, 201G, 201MA, 201QA

From City Railway Station (or) Majestic Please come to MG Road and take any of the above buses.

Get down at KodiHalli bus stop and take Miranda School left side road.

Just ask for ICS(Indiranagar Cambridge School), Its walkable distance from the bus stop.

Make use of it.

Insert and Display image BLOB in JSP page

Hi everyone,

Today we just tried to insert jpeg file and displaying that file in one html page

Source Code:
file name: img_uploadanddisplay.jsp
<%@ page import="java.sql.*"%>
<%@ page import="*, java.util.*, java.lang.*"%>

<% ResultSet rs=null;
Connection con=null;
Statement stmt=null;
PreparedStatement psmt,psmt1;
Blob blobfile = null;
byte [] imgdata = null;
int status = 0;
boolean del_status = false;
OutputStream os = null;
String req_id=request.getParameter("id");
System.out.println("Entered"+req_id); Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); con=DriverManager.getConnection("Jdbc:Odbc:BTSJAVA","System","vijay"); stmt=con.createStatement();
psmt = con.prepareStatement("insert into img_temp values(?,?)");
int id_val = 1;
File img=new File("D:/photos/passport/PP.jpg");
FileInputStream fis= new FileInputStream(img);
status = psmt.executeUpdate();
//System.out.println("Trying to insert data");


stmt = con.createStatement();
rs = stmt.executeQuery("select imgfn from img_temp where id = 1"); //+Integer.parseInt(req_id));

os = response.getOutputStream();

System.out.println("Getting Data");


System.out.println("Got Data");

catch(Exception e)

Create a html file with the following content

image tag src="img_uploadanddisplay.jsp?id=1"

Please send your feedback and queries to me.

December 16, 2010

Word 2007 Macro for auto-formatting the content in each line

Word macro for iterating entire document line by line and edit the content

Sometimes we may need to format the string with quotes and comma. I have been facing this for sometime. If the content is less, it will ok to go to the starting position of the string and type " or ' and go to the end of the string and type " or ' and appending , at the end of every line, etc.




What you need to do, Please follow the below steps.

1) Just download the macro code below and paste in word visual basic editor or create a macro with this code
2) Edit the code according to your convience either to use " or '
3) Save the code and run the macro
4) It will confirm with the user whether the user copied the data or not.
5) Wait for user to copy the content
6) Automatically format and copy the formatted content
7) Displays a message to user saying that "Data is formatted and copied. You can paste the content in required application"

Its very simple and useful. Try this.
Macro Code:
sub FormatData()
Dim lineCount, i As Integer
Dim oWB As Document
Dim decision As Variant

Set oWB = Documents.Add

decision = MsgBox("Please copy the content and then click on OK", vbOKCancel, "Decision")

Select Case decision
Case vbOK 'If user agrees proceed further by pasting the content
'Paste the content from clipboard which is copied
Selection.PasteSpecial DataType:=wdPasteText, Placement:=wdInLine
Case vbCancel 'If user clicks on cancel then exit
GoTo last
Case Else
GoTo last
End Select

'got the first line
Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToLine, Which:=wdGoToFirst

'Formatting the data

'Counting number of lines
lineCount = oWB.BuiltInDocumentProperties("Number of lines").Value

For i = 1 To lineCount
'Quoting the line
Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdLine
Selection.TypeText Text:="'"
Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdLine
Selection.TypeText Text:="'"

'Appending , till linecount-1 line
If i < lineCount Then
Selection.TypeText Text:=","
End If
'Moving to next line
Selection.MoveDown Unit:=wdLine, Count:=1
Next i

'copy the content in the document

ActiveDocument.Close savechanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges

'Informing user that he/she can paste the data where ever required
MsgBox ("Content is formatted and copied, Please paste the data in the required application")


End Sub

'go to the beginning
'Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory

'go to the end
'Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory

'got the first line
'Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToLine, Which:=wdGoToFirst

'go to the last line
'Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToLine, Which:=wdGoToLast

'If you just want to select a line, you can also do something like this :
'Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdLine
'Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdLine, Extend:=wdExtend

'Count number of words
'sNumberofwords = oWB.BuiltInDocumentProperties("Number of words").Value

For any further queries, please send mail to

December 10, 2010

Mounting (Connect) external disks in Ubuntu

Hi everyone,

Most of the present Ubuntu Operating Systems will auto-mount the internal/external disks.

In some cases that may not be done automatically. In that situation, you can manually mount the media to the Ubuntu.

Here comes the mounting of external disks like HDD, Pen-drive etc in Ubuntu. 


1) Open terminal
2) Type sudo su in the terminal
3) Enter the password
4) Now you will be in super user mode i.e. # mode
5) Go to the desktop or some folder where you want to create a folder for mounting
    ex: # cd /home/user1/Desktop
6) Create a directory
    ex: # mkdir ExtrnDisk
7) Type the following command for NTFS disks
    # mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 ExtrnDisk/ (FAT32 -- vfat)

    Type the following for rest of the disks
    # mount /dev/sdb ExtrnDisk/
8) Now you can see the drive contents mounted to ExtrnDisk folder


December 08, 2010

Write Protect your pen drive from copying, deleting and etc.,

Hi everyone,

Today one of my friend asked me "Why I cann't copy the data to my USB Pendrive". It is showing message like "Remove the write-protection or use another disk". Can you help me to resolve? "

I just checked and came to know that, the pen drive is write protected. Only we can copy the content from pen drive but can't do deleting and copying to pen drive.

  • To remove the write protection, please follow the steps below.
  • Open run window by pressing windows + R or start->run
  • Type regedit.exe and click on "Ok" button or Press Enter button.
  • Please go to the following path
  • If there is no WriteProtect key, please create a DWord key with name WriteProtect
  • To enable write-protect, please give "1" as key value
  • To disable write-protect, double click the WriteProtect key and give value as 0 
Hope you will protect your pendrive.

November 29, 2010

File Magic Numbers in Header to differentiate between files

Hi everyone,
I just came to know about the file magic numbers

Its good that, we can identify the file by converting the file to ASCII even someone changes the file extension manually.

I personally tested this by creating one GIF file and saw the file ASCII values are starting with GIF89a.
Later I manually changed the file extension to JPEG and I verified the ASCII values surprised that still the file ASCII values aren't changed. Its GIF89a.

So, I understand one thing, that, if someone changes the file extension to some unknown type, we can easily find the original file extension by this method.

To see the file ASCII values, use hexdump tool.

See the screeshots

See the output ever after changing file extn

Please send your comments and feedback to me

November 24, 2010

Copy Paste Pl/Sql developer queried table data and Auto Format the content

Paste and Auto-format Table records in Excel

While taking backup of the tables, we are doing the following steps.
1.       Executing the query
2.       Copying the content from pl/sql developer
3.       Opening excel and paste the copying content
4.       If we want multiple tables to take backup, we need select next sheet and paste the content
5.       If we need more than 3 sheets we are adding new sheets.
6.       Just copying content from the pl/sql developer doesn’t finish our work, am I right?
7.       We need to format the data too.

So, I just tried to create one auto-formatter which will paste the data and auto-format the data.

Please download the attachment and unzip the file.

After opening the excel file, do the following.

a) Please change the macro settings to "Disable all macros with notification"
     Note: To see how you can change the macro settings, please see the following link

b) Please click on the "User Friendly Formatter" button and follow the procedure.
c) It will open a new file and asks you to save the file.
d) Copy the content from pl/sql developer, when it displayed the following pop-up window.

e) The data will be auto formatted and then asks user for continuation by displaying the following window.

f) If user wants to continue, user can click “Yes” button, and the next sheet will be auto-selected.
g) Goto step (d)
h) When your clicks on “No” button, the file will be autosaved.

Please see the macro code and change according to your requirements.

Source Code:

Public Declare Function OpenClipboard Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long) As Long
Public Declare Function EmptyClipboard Lib "user32" () As Long
Public Declare Function CloseClipboard Lib "user32" () As Long

Sub CreateNewWorkbook()
    Dim oWorkbook As Workbook
    Dim wbName, fileSaveName As String
    Dim sCount, decision, copied, sIndex As Integer
    Dim oSheet As Worksheet
    'On Error GoTo errHandler
    Set oWorkbook = Workbooks.Add
    sCount = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count
    'MsgBox (sCount)
    If MsgBox("Please copy the content and then click on OK", vbOKOnly, "Decision") = vbOK Then
    End If
    sIndex = 1
    decision = MsgBox("Do you want to continue with the next sheet?", _
    vbYesNo, "Decision")
'If user wants to continue
    If decision = vbYes Then
        'Asking user to copy the data first
        copied = MsgBox("Please copy the content and then click on OK", vbOKCancel, "Decision")
        'If user copied data
        If copied = vbOK Then
            'Selecting next sheet
            If sIndex < 3 Then
                Sheets(sIndex + 1).Select
                sIndex = sIndex + 1
            'ElseIf sIndex = 3 Then
            '    Sheets(sIndex).Select
            'Adding additional sheet from sheet4
            ElseIf sIndex >= 3 Then
                    Set oSheet = Worksheets.Add(After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count))
            End If
            'copying and formatting data
        ElseIf copied = vbCancel Then
            'Confirm the user whether user want to quit and save file
            If MsgBox("Do you want to remain in the same sheet", vbOKOnly, "Save File") = vbOK Then
            End If
        End If
        GoTo askUser
    End If

End Sub

Sub CopyAndFormatData()

'If Range("A1").Font.Bold = True Then
    On Error Resume Next
    ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial Format:=Text, Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False
    Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
    If Range("A1").Value Is Null Then
    End If
    'select header row and make it as bold
    Cells(1, 1).EntireRow.Select
    Selection.Font.Bold = True
    'Autofit column width

End Sub

Sub ClearClipboard()
    OpenClipboard (0&)
End Sub
Sub Save_ActiveWorkbook()
'Working in Excel 2000-2010
    Dim fname As Variant
    Dim NewWb As Workbook
    Dim FileFormatValue As Long

    'Check the Excel version
    If Val(Application.Version) < 9 Then Exit Sub
    If Val(Application.Version) < 12 Then

        'Only choice in the "Save as type" dropdown is Excel files(xls)
        'because the Excel version is 2000-2003
        fname = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:="", _
        filefilter:="Excel Files (*.xls), *.xls", _
        Title:="Save As the Workbook as ")

        If fname <> False Then
            'Copy the ActiveSheet to new workbook
            Set NewWb = ActiveWorkbook

            'We use the 2000-2003 format xlWorkbookNormal here to save as xls
            NewWb.SaveAs fname, FileFormat:=-4143, CreateBackup:=False
            NewWb.Close False
            Set NewWb = Nothing

        End If
        'Give the user the choice to save in 2000-2003 format or in one of the
        'new formats. Use the "Save as type" dropdown to make a choice,Default =
        'Excel Macro Enabled Workbook. You can add or remove formats to/from the list
        fname = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:="", filefilter:= _
        " Excel Macro Free Workbook (*.xlsx), *.xlsx," & _
        " Excel Macro Enabled Workbook (*.xlsm), *.xlsm," & _
        " Excel 2000-2003 Workbook (*.xls), *.xls," & _
        " Excel Binary Workbook (*.xlsb), *.xlsb", _
        FilterIndex:=1, Title:="Save As the Workbook as ")

        'Find the correct FileFormat that match the choice in the "Save as type" list
        If fname <> False Then
            Select Case LCase(Right(fname, Len(fname) - InStrRev(fname, ".", , 1)))
            Case "xls": FileFormatValue = 56
            Case "xlsx": FileFormatValue = 51
            Case "xlsm": FileFormatValue = 52
            Case "xlsb": FileFormatValue = 50
            Case Else: FileFormatValue = 0
            End Select

            'Now we can create/Save the file with the xlFileFormat parameter
            'value that match the file extension
            If FileFormatValue = 0 Then
                MsgBox "Sorry, unknown file extension"
                'Copies the ActiveSheet to new workbook
                Set NewWb = ActiveWorkbook

                'Save the file in the format you choose in the "Save as type" dropdown
                NewWb.SaveAs fname, FileFormat:= _
                             FileFormatValue, CreateBackup:=False

            End If
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Note: Please send your feedback and comments

Fomat USB Pen drive in Linux

Hi everyone,
Lot of my friends asked me that how to format pendrive in Linux.
There are many methods to format pendrive.

1) Open command prompt and enter into root or su mode.
   $ sudo -su ( In Ubuntu )
   $ su - ( In RedHat )
2) Identify to which device file the pendrive is mounted
    # dmesg | tail
3) Mostly it will be sda or sdb or sdc with some number.
4) Unmount the device file on which the pendrive mounted
   # umount /dev/sdb
   Note: Please change the sdb with your above identified device file
5) Now, we can format the pendrive
   # mkfs.vfat -n 'Label' -I /dev/sdb
   Note: vfat indicates FAT32 filesystem, ext3 indicates EXT3 filesystem.
   Please change the Label with your own Label.

1) Open command prompt and enter into root or su mode
   $ sudo -su ( In Ubuntu )
   $ su - ( In RedHat )
2) Identify to which device file the pendrive is mounted
   # df
3) Mostly it will be sda or sdb or sdc with some number.
4) Unmount the device file on which the pendrive mounted
   # umount /dev/sdb
   Note: Please change the sdb with your above identified device file
5) Now, we can format the pendrive
   # /sbin/mkdosfs -F32 -I /dev/sdb 

We can format the pendrive using GUI tool also.

1) Open command prompt and enter into root or su mode
   $ sudo -su ( In Ubuntu )
   $ su - ( In RedHat )
2) Install GParted software
   # apt-get install gparted ( Ubuntu )
   For Redhat, Please download the GParted RPM from
   Then install the RPM Package
   # rpm -ivh gparted-version.rpm
   Note: Please change the version with your downloaded file version
3) Open the GParted tool
4) Select the drive
5) Choose Partition menu -> Format to -> any file system ( ex: fat32 )
   Note: Many filesystem options are available in Format to submenu.

Note: Please send your feedback and comments to me.

November 18, 2010

Opensource SWs which I have come across today ..

Some Useful Open Source Softwares:

Ninite Easy PC Setup tool:
We can select the softwares from the list and it will download and install those softwares without our intervention in the middle like pressing Next or Continue buttons.

Sumatra PDF Viewer:
Its a slim, free and open source PDF Viewer.

Easy to copy error out or corrupted files. We can pause and resume the file copying.

November 10, 2010

Linux tools useful for day to day life

Hi everyone,

I just read some of the linux tools description from linux journals. Just want to share those things.

  1. FFmpeg: Video converter to covert videos for YouTube. Our own videos will be converted in to YouTube suitable format.
  2. Mutt: Its a command line e-mail reading tool.
  3. Zsh: Create own shell with different colors and in output also we can put some colors to identify the output easily.
  4. SOX: Audio editor, We can add echo easily by using this editor and we can convert audio to various formats.
  5. Trickle: By using this tool, we can control the network traffic. In torrent downloaders and in browsers we can set the speed while downloading.
  6. Privoxy: Control the web access like blocking unwanted sites and blocking unwanted content.

Linux Magazine

Send your feedback and comments

Have you tried these Google Labs features? I liked these features.

Hi everyone,
I tried these Google labs features and its very useful for every e-mail user. Hope you will also like it.

There are features which will
  1. Insert images in mail
  2. Cancel the mail within 30 seconds, if you forgot attachment, signature, address, etc.
  3. Nested folders
  4. Choosing the correct name suggestion.
  5. Displaying the unread messages count in the title of the page. 
If you want to use or like anyone of the above you can continue reading the blog.
  • To see the Google labs, click on Settings, select Labs tab.
  • Select the Enable option button for the concerned lab feature.
  • Click on Save Changes at top or bottom of the page, to use these features.

Google Labs Features: 

1) Inserting Images:
    This feature provides you to select the pictures from the harddisk or from URL and display in the mail instead of attachment. Lot of my friends asked how to display an image in the mail. By using this feature you can do that.
2) Nested Labels
    Instead of having long list of labels for every simple things, you can group them and make nested labels.
3) Title Tweaks
    It will display the current label with unread message count. If you get any new mail, just by seeing the title in the taskbar, you can identify that you got an e-mail.

4) Got the Wrong Bob?
    This feature will you recommend the user with the similar name. When you are selecting some name, it will list the similar names to choose the correct one. 

5) Undo Send
    Sometimes we will be thinking something and click on send button. After just clicking, we will be thinking like, I shouldn't have click on send button. By using "Undo Send" feature, within 30 seconds we can cancel the sending mail. After finishing everything in the mail, you can send again.
Example: We want to send resume to someone, We will be concentrating on writing some good content and once we are happy with content, we will just press send button without attaching the resume. Just after clicking on send we will identify that, we forgot the attachment. At that point, we can cancel the sending mail and attach the resume and send. I think it happened with lot of you people. It happened with me too.

Please send your feedback and comments

November 09, 2010

Dell Inspiron 1545 Wireless Problem Solution

Hi everyone,

Today one of my friend was faced an issue with the Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.

The issue is Wireless in not enabled.

He is trying to activate the Wireless connectivity by pressing Function Key (Fn) + F2.

But that is not the correct key or combination to activate the wireless.

Just press F2 button and try to reconnect to the wireless network.

Problem is solved. If any one facing the same issue, please solve it.

November 02, 2010

Voltas and LG Air Conditioners Power Consumptions sheet

When my friend asked me to give some information about the power consumptions of air conditioners. I just found some formulas to calculate the power consumption by an A/c.
Here is the sheet, which describes Voltas and LG A/c's statistics.

Sl.No Model Ton Capacity Start Rating Cooling Capacity Power Capacity EER Price SEER BTU/hr Usage Hrs/month Electricity Bill
1 Classic 1 ton 2 3500 1306 2.68 20490 2.977777778 11942 300 7820.227612
2 1.5 ton 2 5200 1940 2.68 24490 2.977777778 17743 210 8133.311754
3 2 ton 2 6450 2500 2.58 27490 2.866666667 22008 150 7485.27907
4 Elite S 1 ton 2 3190 1251 2.55 21490 2.833333333 10885 300 7491.441176
5 1.5 ton 2 4850 1900 2.55 25490 2.833333333 16549 210 7972.724118
6 2 ton 2 6300 2470 2.55 27990 2.833333333 21496 150 7397.152941
7 Elite G 1 ton 2 3450 1327 2.6 21790 2.888888889 11772 300 7946.1
8 1.5 ton 2 5050 1942 2.6 25490 2.888888889 17231 210 8141.6475
9 PlusS 1 ton 3 3350 1196 2.8 22990 3.111111111 11431 300 7164.7875
10 1.5 ton 3 5100 1822 2.8 26990 3.111111111 17402 210 7635.1275
11 2 ton 3 6000 2143 2.8 30990 3.111111111 20473 150 6416.091964
12 Plus G 1 ton 4 3175 1076 2.95 23990 3.277777778 10834 300 6445.311864
13 1.5 ton 5 5200 1672 3.11 3.455555556 17743 210 7008.770257
14 2 ton 5 6450 2074 3.11 3.455555556 22008 150 6209.652733
15 Platina 1 ton 4 3500 1186 2.95 24990 3.277777778 11942 300 7104.477966
16 1.5 ton 4 5100 1729 2.95 24990 3.277777778 17402 210 7246.900678
17 2 ton 3 6000 2143 2.8 32990 3.111111111 20473 150 6416.091964
18 Gold 1 1 ton 5 3577 1150 3.11 25490 3.455555556 12205 300 6887.38746
19 1.5 ton 5 5150 1656 3.11 29990 3.455555556 17573 210 6941.617524
20 2 ton 3 6000 2143 2.8 33990 3.111111111 20473 150 6416.091964
21 Gold 1 ton 5 3510 1000 3.51 25990 3.9 11977 300 5988.5
22 1.5 ton 5 5100 1620 3.15 3.5 17402 210 6786.78
23 2 ton 4 6250 2120 2.95 34990 3.277777778 21326 150 6343.581356
24 Premium 1 ton 3 3450 1232 2.8 22490 3.111111111 11772 300 7378.521429
25 1.5 ton 3 5200 1857 2.8 26490 3.111111111 17743 210 7784.74125
26 2 ton 3 6000 2143 2.8 29490 3.111111111 20473 150 6416.091964


Sl.No Model Ton Capacity Start Rating Cooling Capacity Power Capacity EER Price SEER BTU/hr Usage Hrs/month Electricity Bill
1 LSA18CGAFH1 1.5 ton 5040 1800 2.8 29990 3.111111111 17197 210 7545.18375
2 LSA24CGAFH1 2 ton 6300 2450 2.57 32790 2.855555556 21496 150 7339.587549
3 LSA5RW5LB1 1.5 ton 5450 1620 3.36 37990 3.733333333 18596 210 6799.1625
4 LSA5AW3VT6 1.5 ton 3 5275 1830 2.88 28590 3.2 17999 210 7677.698438
5 LSA5NF3F6 1.5 ton 3 5125 1830 2.88 28590 3.2 17487 210 7459.298438
6 LSA6AW2VT1 2 ton 2 6450 2480 2.6 31290 2.888888889 22008 150 7427.7
7 LSA6AW3VT1 2 ton 2 6300 2250 2.8 34590 3.111111111 21496 150 6736.692857

Please send me the feedback.

October 22, 2010

Thinkpad L412, L512 laptop review

Hi everyone,

If you are planning to buy Lenovo Thinkpad L412,L512.
Please comment, if someone experienced any problem with Thinkpad L412,L512.

As per my surfing, it doesn't have cons.
Only cons, they are talking about keyboard sound. That is standard in Thinkpad laptops.
Don't bother about anything. Whoever planning to buy, they can happily buy.

Thanks in advance

Personal Experience:
My laptop screen was gone after 4 months of time, they have replaced it.
Laptop is not responding after working 2 to 3 hours continuous. We have to forcefully shutdown and restart again. I think, some hardware issue.


Create own mouse pointers, fonts, window design etc.

Hi everyone,

I just came to know about windowing system, where we can draw our own mouse pointers, our own logos etc.

By using Desktop Environment, we can design, our own folders, icons, windows, wallpapers etc.

People who are interested in designing new OS can make use of this. May be after some time I will also try. Just go through this wiki link and if you are interested its really good.


Please let me know if someone is starting new Operation System. I will also contribute.

How word saves a file .. Procedure in saving the file in MSOffice

Hi everyone,

Procedure or steps in saving the file MSOffice
We created one file with name abc.doc
When we are update the abc.doc and trying to save it, Word will create the temporary file with edited version of the abc.doc
Word will delete the previous version of the abc.doc
Replaces the temporary file with the previous version of the abc.doc

Its so cool .. Data Integrity is satisfying .. What you people say?

File size increases when you are storing images. Cause and Solution listed

Hi everyone,
Just now, I came to know that MSOffice will store two types of graphic formats in .rtf file.

  1. What I did was, I copied one image (Size: 66.6KB) to MSWord and saved the file as .doc.
  2. The .doc file size has become 89KB.
  3. Then I saved the file in .rtf format.
  4. The .rtf file size is 5075KB(4.9MB).
  5. I just searched for the cause then I found that .rtf format file will save this image twice.
  6. One in corresponding .GIF, .JPEG or .PNG and second format is WMF(Windows Meta File).
  7. That is the cause for drastic change in file size.

To solve this problem, we can follow the steps accordingly in the below Microsoft link

Try to experiment and learn and post.

October 21, 2010

Test file formats and its actual size, size on disk, increment in size

I just thought what will be the default size for a text file in different formats.
Then I just did some analysis and found that these are the default sizes of the corresponding files, but actually on disk it will store this much size.

I found one more interesting point, for me atleast, the actual size is increasing on some increment basis, which is displayed in table as "Increment in bytes". Till that size on disk, the actual size is incrementing but size on disk is not changing.

What I understand from this is, In hard disk, file will get space according increment.

File Format Size stored on Disk Actual Size Increment in bytes
(MSOffice 97-2003 format)
28KB, 28672B 26KB, 26112B 512B
(MSOffice 2007 format)
12KB, 12888B 9.65KB, 9886B 1B
(Notepad format)
4KB, 4096B 0B 1B

If I'm wrong in any sentence, please let me know. I will try to update my knowledge.

October 07, 2010

Command Prompt in full screen mode in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Hi everyone,
I came to know that we can use command prompt in windows vista and windows 7 by installing dosbox software.
I tried in Windows XP .. Its not that much user friendly .. we need to mount the drives first then we have to use it. Please try in your system and let me know, how it worked for you.
Going to home for 10 days .. See you later .. Happy Dasara ..

September 16, 2010

Excel Visual basic Editor multi line comment and uncomment

How to do multiline comment/uncomment?

  1. Open Visual Basic Editor
  2. Click on View->Toolbars->Customize
  3. Select Edit->Drag the Commands scroll bar to find the comment and uncomment icons
  4. Select Comment Block/Uncomment Block and drag drop in Edit(can be any) menu
  5. Select the multi-line code in editor and click on Comment/Uncomment menu item 
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