October 22, 2010

File size increases when you are storing images. Cause and Solution listed

Hi everyone,
Just now, I came to know that MSOffice will store two types of graphic formats in .rtf file.

  1. What I did was, I copied one image (Size: 66.6KB) to MSWord and saved the file as .doc.
  2. The .doc file size has become 89KB.
  3. Then I saved the file in .rtf format.
  4. The .rtf file size is 5075KB(4.9MB).
  5. I just searched for the cause then I found that .rtf format file will save this image twice.
  6. One in corresponding .GIF, .JPEG or .PNG and second format is WMF(Windows Meta File).
  7. That is the cause for drastic change in file size.

To solve this problem, we can follow the steps accordingly in the below Microsoft link


Try to experiment and learn and post.
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