July 19, 2013

Beam Telecom Internet Connection Auto Login Task in Windows whenever you have connected to your Wireless LAN; Not in startup

Hi friends,
Today me and my roommate were discussing to leave the laptop to download some files using torrent client. Then we thought like, what if power goes off ? Since, we are using Beam Telecom, we need to manually login via a webpage to activate the Internet connection when power comes back.

Then I have searched online and find some useful links which are shown below.

But still, as you know, we weren’t satisfied with the solution like, having as a startup script. Which will run whenever you just login to the system.

What if, we have left the laptop/desktop and power goes (But laptop/desktop running on battery/UPS), the startup script trick won’t solve our problem. Again, someone has to manually open browser and do the web login or start the batch file which was mentioned in the above files. So we have decided to find some easy solution which depends on the network connection.

Our home network setup:

I hope, now a days most of the home networks are like our network which was routed as below
BeamTele –> Wireless Router –> Laptops and Mobiles (Wi-Fi)


  1. Open this link. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B16cWwxzg0m5X1BPZXQySm5nV28/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Click on "File -> Download" to download the zip file
  3. Those files I have been copied from this link and modified the batch file
  4. Extract the zip file to a safe location, where you accidentally don’t delete the files. Please don’t put it in common download folder, you may accidentally delete it.
  5. You will find an wget.exe and related dlls along with a batch file.
  6. Move those wget.exe and dlls to C:/WINDOWS folder
  7. Let the batch file path be clear without any spaces in folder names (precaution)
  8. Please replace the username and password details with your Beam Tele userid and password in the batch file and don't forgot to save the file.
Note: Please place wget.exe and all the dlls in C:/WINDOWS folder. Because this path is already available in “PATH” environment variable
Out next step would be using this batch file and automatically running it whenever WLAN connected


We have got an idea to create a task, which described below. Windows "Task Scheduler" is similar to "Cron Jobs" in Linux. So, lets start created "BeamTeleAutologin" task as described below.
  1. Whenever power goes off, router will be off (mostly, until unless you have connected your router also to an Inverter/UPS)
  2. If your router power goes off i.e. wireless router not connected any Inverter/UPS then blindly follow this method
  3. Create a task scheduler as described below
    • Search for “Task Scheduler” on Windows 7/8
    • Open “Task Scheduler”
    • Click on “Task Scheduler (Local)”
    • On right most (3rd) column, you will find an option like “Create Task”
    • Click on “Create Task”
    • In “General” tab, give a name of task like “Beam Tele Autologin” with some description (optional)
    • In “Security Options”, Choose “Run whether user logged in or not”
    • In “Configure for” dropdown, select “Your OS/Server OS” (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2)
    • You can click on “Hide”, if you want to hide the task from library
    • Go to “Triggers” tab
    • Click on “New” button
    • Select “On an event” option from the “Begin the task” drop down
    • By default, “Basic” option get selected
    • From the “Log” dropdown, choose “Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig/Operational”
    • From “Source” dropdown, choose “WLAN-AutoConfig”
    • Put some delay task for some 1 minute (Optional)
    • Go to “Actions” tab
    • Select the batch file, which you have extracted from the downloaded “BeamTeleAutoLogin.zip
    • Go to “Conditions” tab
    • Uncheck “Power” category options
      • (Deselect) Start the task only if computer is on AC power
      • (Deselect) Stop if computer switches to battery
    • Check “Network” category options
      • (Select) Start only if the following network connection is available
    • Select your “WLAN” name from the list
    • Go to “Settings” tab
    • Check the necessary options like
      • Allow task to be run on demand
      • From the only available drop down, select “Do not start a new instance”
    • Click on “Ok” button
  4. Go to “Task Schedule Library” from the “Task Scheduler”
  5. You can see the task as per the name give above like “Beam Tele Autologin”
  6. Select the corresponding task
  7. Now, on right side you can see options like “Run”, “End”, “Disable”, “Properties”, “Delete” (By right click on the task, you will be getting same options)
  8. If you want to edit the task, click on “Properties”
  9. If your router has power back up i.e. connected to some Inverter or UPS then just add these few lines at the starting in your batch file to make sure that Internet is connected by pinging public DNS
    • ping | find "Reply"
    • if errorlevel 1 goto :eof

Testing the Autologin Task:

  1. To test this task is running or not, do the following
    • Open http://portal.beamtele.com in browser
    • If you have already logged in, you can see a “Logout” option
    • Click on “Logout” button
    • So, by now you are no longer connected to Internet. You need to manually enter the details to login.
    • Disconnect/Disable your WLAN connection. So, router is not connected to laptop/desktop.
    • Now, you run the task if its not running by selecting task, click on “Run”
    • Connect to your WLAN now
    • Do not enter any details for login
    • If everything was properly setup then it should login automatically with your credentials.
If its working fine, then enjoy the hack.
Note: Please send your feedback and comments to psrdotcom@gmail.com


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