July 20, 2012

Solved the problem of import project in eclipse

Hi users,

I had been facing this issue for sometime. I didn't concentrate much on this issue. Today finally it got solved.

Unable to import projects into eclipse

  • Remove any projects from the workspace with the same name (Cut and Paste in some folder as backup)
  • Check whether you have android-8 (min) in your project properties target platform
Note: You can view the existing projects (closed projects also) in your eclipse by clicking on package explorer

Remove the unused projects, name conflict projects.
Please restart the eclipse (File->Restart)
Now, you will be able to import your projects into eclipse.

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BlackBerry mobile/phone is not starting/switching on problem with solution

Hi all,

Today, We were faced one issue like, our BlackBerry is not powering on.

We had connected the mobile with the USB cable for 2 hours. But not at all switching on.

Problem: Phone is not starting
Resolution: Charge the mobile with AC adapter for 1 hour.
Reason: Battery completely drained. So, it requires more power at starting to charge the battery initially.

Don't get scare and don't rush to service center for this small issue.

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July 18, 2012

Text Formatting in *NIX to run Script files of Different Platforms

Hello all,

While writing shell scripting in Ubuntu, Windows and deploying it in *NIX based machine, we found some issue. That the file running perfectly on the Ubuntu (Linux), Windows machine. The same script was displaying errors like

'\r': command not found
^M: command not found
There was a formatting issue. You need to run the following command to resolve it.


sudo apt-get install tofrodos

dos2unix filename

dos2unix script1.sh

To know more about this you can go through References.


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July 05, 2012

Digital Cameras in the Budget Range

Hi everyone,

I am posting this one related to digital cameras.

In India most of the users wants the camera just for occasional purpose.

Example: For outing, Home functions etc.

For those basic needs, we can have a budget camera.

These are my opinion on the current cameras in Nikon, Canon and Sony

I think these are best cameras in mid range ..

Below Rs. 5000

Nikon Coolpix L23

Canon Powershot A1200

Below Rs. 6000

Nikon Coolpix L26

Canon A3200 IS

Sony W520

I decided the camera based on the resolution (megapixel) and optical zoom. I don't to go in-depth in deciding the basic camera.

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