December 30, 2016

Windows file name too long to delete move copy rename due to destination path too long

Hi friends,


When i am clearing my old windows folder from the OS installed drive, I had an issue of deleting the files and folder because the path name is too long.

The error message is

"Destination Path Too Long.

The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path."


Windows OS will allow the file path to be max 255 characters. If any file or folder path is beyond 255 characters, you will not be able to perform any file actions like delete / move / copy / rename.


  1. Navigate to the folder in the windows explorer
  2. Type the following command in the address bar and hit enter key
    • subst j:
  3. Open a new windows explorer window
  4. Now you will be able to see new drive with letter J:
  5. You will be able to delete the files/folders with in the drive
  6. To delete the other files, navigate to the parent folder and delete one after one or multiple folders path at a time.

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December 13, 2016

E Aadhaar password for mail copy PDF received from

Hi friends,

I have updated my Aadhaar details from Aadhaar update center.
It is mentioned that within 72 hours, my details will be updated.

Before 72 hours of my updated application, I had received an email from with an attachment which is password protected.

As I was unable to find the password to open the file in the sent mail, I have googled to find the answer. I have found mulitple options. You can try the following procedure to open the file with your password.

Procedure to open the document

  1. Download the file
  2. Rename the file by adding .pdf extension, if missing
  3. Try the following passwords
    • Password length is 8 characters
      • First 4 characters of your name as mentioned in Aadhaar card (All small letters)
      • Next 4 characters are your year of birth which is mentioned in Aadhaar card
    • Password length is 6 characters
      • Pin code of your address as per Aadhaar records
      • Pin code of your enrolled area where you have applied the Aadhaar card
  4. For me, 8 character password (first 4 characters of my name as mentioned in Aadhaar card + year of birth) worked.
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November 24, 2016

Get MMID of your Citi Bank Account

Hi all,

Today, I would like to share how to get MMID of your Citi bank account.

Send SMS to 52484 in the below format from your registered mobile number


Note: XXXX is your Citi bank debit card last 4 digits

Ex: MMID 1234 to 52484 where 1234 is your Citi bank debit card last 4 digits

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February 06, 2016

Microsoft Excel Select a value from a predefined list of values with dropdown option to validate the data

Hi friends,

When I was preparing a sheet by referencing some pre-defined names as list to a field/cell. I was thinking the feature of Microsoft Excel dropdown list. After exploring the option and using, I thought of sharing with you all.

Objective: Selecting a cell value from a list of pre-defined values

  1. Open blank excel workbook
  2. Prepare you template with headers
  3. Create a new sheet and rename it. Ex: "Names"
  4. Enter the values from Column A from cell A1 in vertical direction
  5. Don't use any other columns
  6. Don't leave any empty cell in between the values
  7. Leave first cell as empty, if you want to include the empty option in a dropdown
  8. Select the cell which contains the values
  9. Right click and choose the option "Define Name"
  10. Give a name to the list of values. Ex: NamesList
  11. Click on "OK" button
  12. Now, move to the sheet where we want to use the list of names as a dropdown option
  13. Select the cell(s), where we want to have the dropdown list
  14. Click on "Data" Menu
  15. From "Data Tools" ribbon, click "Data Validation" from "Data Validation" submenu
  16. In Settings tab, Validation Criteria section, for the option Allow, select "List"
  17. Choose the options
    • Ignore blank: Ignore when user no selected any option
    • In-cell Dropdown: Show the dropdown list in cell
  18. In "Source" field, type the defined name for the list preceded with = (Equal to) symbol. Ex: =NamesList
  19. Now, you should be able to see the dropdown with empty values
  20. Select the predefined values from the dropdown list of names.
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    January 03, 2016

    Nexus 7 Files accessing (storage drive) issue fix after upgrading to Marshmallow

    Hi friends,

    Today when I connected my Nexus 7 tab, I was unable to see the drive and folder structure. But in the file explorer it is able to detect the Nexus 7 by showing the icon. When you double click to view the files, there is nothing.
    1. After googling, the following solutions worked for me.
    2. Go to device management
    3. Right click Android ADB Interface and do uninstall
    4. After uninstalling the drivers, change the USB type in Nexus to PTP and immediately change to MTP
    5. Unplug and plug the Nexus to your PC
    6. Now the system will re-install the driver
    Hope, this post will be useful when OS upgraded and unable to access file system of device

    Android 6.0.1 Upgrade fix

    After installing the driver, device might be recognized but we need to change the "Use USB for options" from any one of the following options

    Notification Panel

    1. Select the "USB for file transfer - Touch for more options"
    2. You will be prompted to choose any one of the following
      • Charging
      • File transfers
      • Photo transfers
      • MIDI
    3. Select File transfers to see the "Internal Storage"

    Developer Options

    1. Go to "Settings->Developer Options"
    2. Go to "Select USB Configuration" setting
    3. Choose "MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)" for transferring the files
    Now you should be able to see the file storage in explorer

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