October 28, 2008

Trip to Isha Yoga Foundation

Isha Yoga FoundationIsha Yoga Foundation tour:

Its a memorable journey for me and my friends....

1. We started from our university at 7:30AM
2. We reached Coimbatore Railway Station at 8:20AM
3. I already visited the center once so i know the bus timings and bus no is 14D(direct to the Isha Yoga Center) and 14A to semmedu(7Km distance to Isha Yoga Center).

Bus Timings at Isha Yoga Foundation
4. The above bus timings at the Isha Yoga Center.
5. We got 14A bus at Bigbazzar and got down at semmedu(7km distance to Yoga School).
6. We enjoyed the 7km walk with lot of pictures and scenery.
7. Climate also cool and as per our estimations it rained and we have umbrellas also with us
8. After reaching the Yoga Center according to the directions of the devotees we entered into every block and we enjoyed each and every moment.
9. Two things are not shown in pictures
  • Under 5 feer water "mercury siva lingam", which we can feel the vibrations from the siva lingam.
  • DhyanaLingam, where we can do dhyanam...its very peaceful there....
10. As per schedule we returned from the yoga center at 3:00PM bus, which will start from yoga center to Coimbatore Town Bus Stand.

If you come to coimbatore and if you want some peaceful area, I prefer, you to visit Isha Yoga Foundation, where you can get some peaceful climate...
Thank you everybody,

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