September 28, 2011

SSH Versus SSL (Difference)

Hi everyone,

I googled and found out some differences.

SSH protocol is mainly used for shell based solutions and won’t be used to protect web browsing sessions and other application services 
SSL protocol is mainly used for secure http sessions (HTTPS). Now a days, all browsers are coming with built in SSL Protocol support with CA(Certification Authority) root certificates.  We no need to configure to use the SSL. No extra client software needed to use SSL.

SSH protocol is used to remotely login to remote network system/server and execute commands.

SSL protocol is used to send the data/files securely to a remote and/or network system.


September 22, 2011

MapmyIndia versus Google maps comparision

MapmyIndia Vs GoogleMaps

India maps provider, Once installed use everywhere to see the directions from source to destination
Worldwide maps provider, App will installed and we should have active GPRS/Wi-Fi connection to get the directions from source to destination
Cost: Rs. 1990(e-Download), Rs.2490(Courier)
Adv: Once installed, we can view map of any place without GPRS/Wi-Fi connectivity
Adv: Updates will happen frequently
          Free of cost
Limitation: GPRS/Wi-Fi required to know our current location and to get active directions
Disadv: GPRS/Wi-Fi connection required compulsory

  1. Take a phone with aGPS(Assisted Global Positioning System) and install Google Maps
  2. References: 
  3. If you want to buy MapmyIndia product then go for e-Download

September 20, 2011

Windows 7 64-bit Printing Issue, XPS to OneNote Convertion as Solution

Hi everyone,
Today I have come across with an issue while taking print. In 32-bit Windows Os, We can have adobe reader in printer to save the print file in .pdf format (or) OneNote to store the print content as page(s) by the option "Send to OneNote".

In 64-bit OS, Only the XPS viewer is defaultly added in the Printers list. We are unable to add either Adobe PDF or Send to OneNote.

1) Print the file in .xps format then convert into pdf or OneNote for viewing and editing.
2) Convertion of XPS to PDF, I have already explained in one of my previous post.
3) Converting XPS to OneNote can be done in the following manner.
4) Download the file XPS2OneNoteSetup.msi
5) Install the file xps2onenotesetup.msi.
6) Print the file and save as xps file.
7) Drag and Drop the xps file to the folder "XPS Print to OneNote Drop Folder", which is on Desktop.
8) We can see the following window to select different option of print to onenote
9) Select the relevant section and store the file as per your choice by selecting "Print to single page/multiple pages"
10) Then you can do edit, copy, paste and etc operations to the file.

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Porteus Linux : Make USB Pen Drive Bootable Sctipt Execution Problem With Solution

Hi all,

Today I have come across one interesting problem with the Porteus Linux.

I formatted my USB drive with ext2 filesystem.

I was trying to make USB drive bootable by executing, after installing the Porteus.
It was displaying the md5 checksum computation error. But I am sure that, md5 checksum is correct, Because I have already executed the porteus/ separately

So, I have reviewed the code of and I come to know the it is executing the boot/syslinus/ I also reviewed the and I come to know that, it is trying to execute the following command.

pushd ../porteus --Change to the porteus directory and maintain the stack of dirs
sh -- Results error
popd --Pops the porteus directory from stack and comes to its previous directory

Please give write file permission to boot/syslinus/ and then

Please modify it as following
pushd ../porteus

Now run the following commands
cd boot

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September 17, 2011

Android Apps Downloading Problem

Hi Android Users,

If you are facing, app download issue with your new Android device please follow these steps.

1. First disable the Wi-Fi connection, because even GPRS is on, Wi-Fi takes high priority.
2. Make sure that your GPRS is working properly
3. Connect to your GTalk in Android Mobile with your username and password
4. Now register into Android Market
5. Try to download the any app with GPRS for testing.
6. Connect to Wi-Fi and fastly you can download the apps.

By now, you should be able to download the any android marked app successfully.

We have tried to download the app with wi-fi connection, it will show downloading for long time. Never downloaded the app successfully.

With this method, we were able to download the app successfully.

After doing the download testing with GPRS, you can switch back to your Wi-Fi connection and download the apps.

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September 12, 2011

Ubuntu Block/Close/Disable All Ports & Open Required Ports

Hi everyone,

I thought of blocking all my system ports and allow only http(s) ports. Because I am not going to use any others ports except http(s).

With IPkungfu tool, it is possible to block all the ports and allow the necessary ports.

Installing IPkungfu
# apt-get install ipkungfu

Configure IPkungfu
1) /etc/ipkungfu/ipkungfu.conf  //Change the firewall settings
2) /etc/ipkungfu/services.conf  //Change the Port settings
    Syntax: ServiceName: ServicePort:Protocol[:ACCEPT]
       http:80:tcp:ACCEPT  //Allow Port
       ftp:21:tcp  //Block Port

Test IPkungfu
# ipkungfu --test


Reliance Netconnect Plus Windows 7 Installation Problem Solved

Hi all,

In my friend laptop, we tried to install Reliance Netconnect Plus. After successful installation, it was not connected to the internet.

When I googled, I found one solution, which worked for me.

Please uninstall the existing Reliance Netconect Plus, If it is already installed.

Steps Involved:
1. Right click on the Setup.exe file and click on "Properties"
2. Click on "Compatibility" Tab
3. Click on "Show Settings for All Users" button
4. Now, change the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" to Windows 7
5. (Optional) Check the "Run this program as Administrator" option

It worked with my Desktop, Windows 7 Professional OS.

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September 09, 2011

Place favicon for your blog which displays in address bar

Hi all,

Place your favicon for your blogspot blog. Please follow the steps.
1. Login to your blog, click on Design-> Layout
2. Click on favicon Edit link
3. Upload the .ico file of your favicon
Note: To convert the image(.jpg, .png, etc) file to .ico file,  we can use online link or we can use any picture editing software like GIMP
4. After uploading the favicon .ico file, click on save
Note: It will take some time to upload the favicon to your blog. Please wait for some hours.

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September 08, 2011

Decode MD5 Hash Value *

Hi everyone,

One of my friend asked me about decoding the hash value. When I searched in internet, I found one hash decrypter. But it is having very limited decryption technique like only chars in plain text.

For online MD5 Encoder:

Any how, you can try these decoders

Anyway, once you insert some new string hash value in database, then it will display. Else if you put your new string with special characters and all. Then it won't work.

Happy Decoding !!!

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Wireshark Network Captured (Sniffed) Packets Data

Hi everyone,

I am googling for some network related stuff. I found that, there are sample packet captures from Wireshark for our network packets testing.

Here is the link

We can have all most all kind of protocol and protocol families packets in different file extensions.

Use these captured packets and explore more on network sniffing, replay etc.

If you want packets from more sources. In the above link they are providing that also.

All the best !!

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September 06, 2011

Display your favourite icon for your website in address bar

Hi everyone,

As per my friend request, I have searched for display an icon in the address bar for the website.
It will be useful for website developers.

Please follow this procedure to display icon in address bar for your website:
1. We much have an image in .ico format.
If we don't have an .ico file and have any picture formatted file like .jpeg, .png, then we can convert that into .ico format by using online link or we can use any picture editing software like GIMP
2. After having the .ico file, edit your webpage source code html file
3. Place this following code in between head tag.
4. Open in Firefox, Chrome to view this icon in the address bar.
Note: In IE it may not support

i. Online .ico generator

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