September 20, 2011

Windows 7 64-bit Printing Issue, XPS to OneNote Convertion as Solution

Hi everyone,
Today I have come across with an issue while taking print. In 32-bit Windows Os, We can have adobe reader in printer to save the print file in .pdf format (or) OneNote to store the print content as page(s) by the option "Send to OneNote".

In 64-bit OS, Only the XPS viewer is defaultly added in the Printers list. We are unable to add either Adobe PDF or Send to OneNote.

1) Print the file in .xps format then convert into pdf or OneNote for viewing and editing.
2) Convertion of XPS to PDF, I have already explained in one of my previous post.
3) Converting XPS to OneNote can be done in the following manner.
4) Download the file XPS2OneNoteSetup.msi
5) Install the file xps2onenotesetup.msi.
6) Print the file and save as xps file.
7) Drag and Drop the xps file to the folder "XPS Print to OneNote Drop Folder", which is on Desktop.
8) We can see the following window to select different option of print to onenote
9) Select the relevant section and store the file as per your choice by selecting "Print to single page/multiple pages"
10) Then you can do edit, copy, paste and etc operations to the file.

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