September 20, 2011

Porteus Linux : Make USB Pen Drive Bootable Sctipt Execution Problem With Solution

Hi all,

Today I have come across one interesting problem with the Porteus Linux.

I formatted my USB drive with ext2 filesystem.

I was trying to make USB drive bootable by executing, after installing the Porteus.
It was displaying the md5 checksum computation error. But I am sure that, md5 checksum is correct, Because I have already executed the porteus/ separately

So, I have reviewed the code of and I come to know the it is executing the boot/syslinus/ I also reviewed the and I come to know that, it is trying to execute the following command.

pushd ../porteus --Change to the porteus directory and maintain the stack of dirs
sh -- Results error
popd --Pops the porteus directory from stack and comes to its previous directory

Please give write file permission to boot/syslinus/ and then

Please modify it as following
pushd ../porteus

Now run the following commands
cd boot

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