May 31, 2012

Forgot your Windows password; Login without password using Kon-Boot Utility

Hi friends,

I am in a confusion whether to put this information in my blog or not. Because it can be used for both good and bad cause.

Promise me that, you will use it for good cause.

Backup files:

Whenever you forgot the admin password in Windows [XP, Vista, 7] any version, you can take backup of your files by using any of the Live CD/DVDs [Ex: Ubuntu Live CD, Which I always prefer to use].

Bypass Authentication:

Without using the Live CD/DVD and if you wants to login to your computer there is a possibility but for limited Operating Systems by using Kon-Boot.

As per Kon-boot free version, it will support only 32-bit edition operating systems (Windows XP,  Vista, Server 2003/08).

The free version doesn't support 64-bit versions and Windows 7 (32bit/64bit).

  1. Download the free version of Kon-Boot utility from here
  2. Direct Link:
  3. Extract the zip file with the password kon-boot
  4. Extract the CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1 zip file
  5. Open the CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1 folder
  6. You will find the CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.iso
  7. Make your Pendrive as bootable with this iso (or) burn the iso to a CD
  8. To make your pendrive as a bootable disk, please follow any one of the methods
  9. You can use the utilities unetbootin or any bootable utility for pendrive
  10. Follow this link for more details
  11. Boot to your pendrive by adjusting the BIOS boot order settings or One time boot menu at the boot time
  12. It will show you the Kon-Boot screen
  13. Press any key to get out of the starting screen of Kon-Boot
  14. Now it will show you the Kryptos Logic Screen
  15. It will automatically bypasses the existing operating system
  16. In my system, it automatically booted to the harddisk partition
  17. If not, you please select the desired partition to boot for the next time
  18. Thats it, now you without entering the password you can login into your system
Note: Kon-Boot will not erases the password of your operating system. It just bypasses the OS authentication.

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May 26, 2012

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commision (APPSC) Government Jobs Apllication Challan and Submit Application Online for various posts using APOnline Services

Dear friends,

Very useful information for those who wants to apply various posts in the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commision (APPSC).

  1. Visit the APPSC website
  2. Browse the "Online Application Submission" section
  3. For any post, you need to fill the challan by clicking "Get Challan"
  4. Upon successfully filling the challan form, you will get the challan in PDF format.
  5. According to instructions, either you need to visit near SBI branch or APOnline center.
  6. But, you can pay the challan online using APOnline services.
  7. Just click on the link
  8. Click on the "Citizen Login" on left side of the page
  9. Register/Sign in with your details.
  10. Click on "Adhoc Services"
  11. In the section of "Challan payments", choose "APPSC Challan Payment"
  12. Enter your challan number
  13. Your details gets appeared; Your name and other details.
  14. Click on "Submit"
  15. Now it will ask you to pay using any one of the bankers (SBI, HDFC, AXIS, IndianBank)
  16. After the payment, you will get the transaction acknowledgement along with your "Journal" number.
  17. Make a note of "Journal Number"
  18. The next day after 2:00 PM, visit APPSC website
  19. Click on the "Submit Application"
  20. Before you submitting the application, you need to have your scanned photograph and scanned signature.
  21. The dimensions of the photograph should be 3.5cm(Width) x 4.5cm(Height) [Around 276px * 354px]
  22. The dimensions of the signature should be 3.5cm(Width) x 1.5cm(Height) [Around 276px * 118px]
  23. Using any of the photo editors you can combine both the photograph and signature into one .jpeg image with the dimensions 3.5cm(Width) x 6cm(Height) [276cm * 472px]
  24. The image size must be less than 50KB
  25. Upload the image by clicking on browse option
  26. Click on "Preview" button
  27. Verify the photograph and signature in the page
  28. Click on "Submit" button
  29. You can download the submitted application form

All the very best for you exam.

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May 19, 2012

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) vs Kilobyte Virtual Machine (KVM) vs Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM)

Hi friends,

Do you that the java program, when running on different architectures, it runs on different virtual machine (VM)?

Why it need different VM when running the similar syntactical code?

Let me take the opportunity to share and explain what I have gone through

I have been read about 3 main VMs.

Java Virtual Machine
Kilobyte Virtual Machine
Dalvik Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine:
JVM executes Java .class bytecode to run the Java applications. JVM with set of libraries form a JRE, which is installed on computer to execute any Java program.

Kilobyte Virtual Machine:
Java API contains large set of standard libraries. To use the same no.of libraries in Mobile is not possible due to memory constraint in the mobile. So, they have come up with an idea to take a subset of libraries and form a profile in Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME). So JVM is replaced with less memory running KVM. KVM is designed to run in kilobytes memory for small devices.

Dalvik Virtual Machine:
When it comes to Android Operating System, they don't want to either JVM or KVM. Because they want to run a virtual machine for every application. This concept can't be implemented with existing virtual machines. Due to this reason, this virtual machine is integral part of the Android Operating System. In Android, the java .class bytecode converted to dalvik compatible .dex which will be executed with Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM). The set of .dex files forms an Android Package (.apk) file, which gets installed on the devices to install and run the applications.

All the virtual machines primary source is developed in java.

Set of libraries have changed.
Memory allocation is different.


May 11, 2012

Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) Problem Solved in 12.04 Precise Pangolin

Hi friends,

I had an issue with UCK (Ubuntu Customization Kit) in Ubuntu 12.04.

After selecting the language pack, the UCK crashes. It doesn't show the error also.

  • I have uninstalled it completely.
  • I have delete the folder /usr/lib/uck --Doesn't know this is right cause
  • I have updated my Ubuntu 12.04 with latest updates --For no reason, Just tried my luck
  • Then I have tried to do as mentioned in the link.
  • This problem was resolved but a new problem came into picture i.e. resolve.conf problem
  • After googling, I found this patch which helped me to resolve the problem.

Now I am happy that, I am able to customize my latest Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin also.


May 08, 2012

Micro SD Card, Unable to Format, Write Protected

Hi friends,

One more issue with some precaution. My friend formatted his micro-sd card and trying to copy the files from computer to sd card using card reader. The files aren't copying into the sd card. We tried to format the drive and it was showing an error in windows like "Windows was unable to format the drive".

We tried to format the drive on Linux, Mac also. Tried to use "dd" command to write random data in it. It was automatically disconnecting from PC/Mac. i.e. The drive is not accessible after sometime.

Then we have come to one conclusion that "Never, Ever format your sd card from the phone". It will not be accessible by the PC/Mac.

We tried to use the same SD Card in Samsung mobile also. It was detected and formatted from the Samsung phone too. It was formatted successfully. But when we were trying to copy some files to the sd card, It says "Drive location is accessible".

Lesson: "Don't format your micro-sd card from phone"

If anyone knows, how to solve this problem, please let me know.

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May 03, 2012

UGC has comeup with Offline Application Submission to solve Online Application Submission Problem for NET Examination Aspirants

Dear friends,

From past few days UGC website was fully busy with lot of online application submission requests. Those who have already taken the Bank Chllan and unable to create/edit the data from UGC website, UGC provided Offline application submission.

Please go through the below link for more details.

Download the offline application from the below link

Important Instructions:

Before filling the application, apart from your personal details like name, father name, mother name, address, you must have the following things

  • Bank Challan
    • Branch Code
    • Journal Code
  • Your highest degree details
    • Marks obtained
    • Total marks
All the very best ...

Java: Create .jar file with .class file(s)

Hi friends,

Today, We had some trouble in using the .class file in java project. My colleague gave an idea of creating the .class to .jar file. So, We have created the .class file to .jar file, which solved our problem.

But one should know the package name of the .class file before creating the .jar file.

If the .class file is in some abc package. We have to place the .class file in a folder named abc.

In command prompt/terminal, go to the parent folder of abc.

jar cf jar_file_name dir\{classname(s),*}


cmd> jar cf abc.jar abc\*

All the classes from abc folder will be now in abc.jar file

Now you can import the .jar file in any java project.

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