May 08, 2012

Micro SD Card, Unable to Format, Write Protected

Hi friends,

One more issue with some precaution. My friend formatted his micro-sd card and trying to copy the files from computer to sd card using card reader. The files aren't copying into the sd card. We tried to format the drive and it was showing an error in windows like "Windows was unable to format the drive".

We tried to format the drive on Linux, Mac also. Tried to use "dd" command to write random data in it. It was automatically disconnecting from PC/Mac. i.e. The drive is not accessible after sometime.

Then we have come to one conclusion that "Never, Ever format your sd card from the phone". It will not be accessible by the PC/Mac.

We tried to use the same SD Card in Samsung mobile also. It was detected and formatted from the Samsung phone too. It was formatted successfully. But when we were trying to copy some files to the sd card, It says "Drive location is accessible".

Lesson: "Don't format your micro-sd card from phone"

If anyone knows, how to solve this problem, please let me know.

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