September 16, 2010

Excel Visual basic Editor multi line comment and uncomment

How to do multiline comment/uncomment?

  1. Open Visual Basic Editor
  2. Click on View->Toolbars->Customize
  3. Select Edit->Drag the Commands scroll bar to find the comment and uncomment icons
  4. Select Comment Block/Uncomment Block and drag drop in Edit(can be any) menu
  5. Select the multi-line code in editor and click on Comment/Uncomment menu item 
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Finding missing records in worksheet w.r.t other worksheet (or) intersection of two worksheets


We have two worksheets with similar records with same structure)(not in number of records). We want to know missing records in one worksheet with reference to other worksheet (Or) we want to find the intersection of both sheets.


Workbooks used are Workbook1.xls, Workbook2.xls, Results.xls
Workbook1 is having Src1 worksheet
Workbook2 is having Src2 worksheet
Results.xls is having Dest1 worksheet which will have Src1-Src2 records

Results.xls is having Dest2 worksheet which will have Src2-Src1 records

    Dim Workbook1, Workbook2, Results As Workbook
    Dim Src1, Src2, Dest1, Dest2 As Sheet1
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    Application.EnableEvents = False
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Set Workbook1= ActiveWorkbook
    Set Workbook2= ActiveWorkbook
    Set Results = ActiveWorkbook

    'Renaming Results workbook sheet1 and sheet2 to Dest1 and Dest2
    Results.Sheets(1).Name = "Dest1"
    Results.Sheets(2).Name = "Dest2"

    Set Src1= ActiveSheet
    Set Src2= ActiveSheet
    Set Dest1 = ActiveSheet
    Set Dest2 = ActiveSheet
    Dim Src1rng As Range
    Dim Src2rng As Range
    'Select and assign range for Src1 sheet data

    'Selecting range without headers by using offset(1,0)
    Set Src1rng= Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Offset(1, 0)

    'Select and assign range for Src2 sheet data
    Set Src2rng= Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Offset(1, 0)
    Dim row_not_exist As Boolean
    'Select each row from the Src1rng

    For Each Src1Row In Src1rng.Rows
        row_not_exist = True
        For Each Src2Row In Src2rng.Rows

            'Comparing cell(s) in Src1rng with cell(s) with Src2rng
            If Src1Row.Cells(1).Value = Src2Row.Cells(1).Value Then
Src1Row.Cells(2).Value = Src2Row.Cells(2).Value Then
                            'if record exists in both sheets, no check needed further
                            row_not_exist = False
                            Exit For 'Don't compare with remaining records
                        End If
            End If
        Next Src2Row  'Go to next record in Src2

        'If Src1rng record not exists in Src2rng then 
        'copy the Src1 record into Results workbook Dest1 sheet
        If row_not_exist = True Then
            ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
            Application.CutCopyMode = xlCopy
        End If
    Next Src1Row  'Go to next record in Src1

    'we can find the viceversa by just changing the names from Src1 to Src2
    Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    Application.EnableEvents = True
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Sample Output:

Src1 Sheet dataSrc2 Sheet data

Names Required
Names Required

Dest1 Sheet Dest2 Sheet

Names Required
Names Required

Dest1 contains the missing(intersection) data, which available in Src1 but not in Src2
Dest2 contains the missing(intersection) data, which available in Src2 but not in Src1

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September 14, 2010

PL/SQL Developer Useful Settings

Hi friends,

I am using Pl/Sql Developer IDE to connect different databases and performing different database operations at the same time. Its been proved that Pl/Sql developer is very useful tool for sql and/or plsql statement/query execution.

What I liked in Pl/Sql Developer are

  1. Select some part of the query and execute the selected part in the query. I liked it very much.
  2. Export output result to excel as a table
  3. Code assistant which will display all the tables in that schema when you entered your_schema_name.
  4. Working in different windows like SQL window, Test window, Program window, Command window and Diagram window at the same time
  5. Macros which can do certain action once recorded

What I have learn today is

i) Logon History

Are you able to remember all the username and passwords of different databases?
Fed up of typing username and password everytime when logging?

Use "Fixed Users" option in Logon History Preferences

We can create different menus to differentiate users or type of logons



  • More than one users under the same menu should be in next line
  • Avoid @ usage in password because database delimeter is @ so it will treat first @ onwards as database

Example: ghi/lkj@123@qwe
username: ghi
password: lkj@123
database: qwe

pl/sql developer will treat
username: ghi
password: lkj
database: 123@qwe

Because first @ onwards it will treat as database.
We can have many menus with many logon to connect different databases with very less effort.
Click the Logon Button Arrow and select the menu->username/password@database
It will get connected automatically without typing username and password

Very Useful .. Try it

ii) Auto Replace facility

Open Pl/Sql Developer->Click on Tools->Preferences->Select Editor Preferences

Scroll down to AutoReplace tab and use the syntax and example to use the facility

syntax: shortcutword=full(part)command

example: saf = select * from 

When you type saf and space then you can see select * from as a replacement of saf

September 09, 2010

Excel VBA: Multi-selection Listbox using pop-up window to display column values


We have following excel sheet with the two columns Names and Requirednames.
Names column has all the names
Required Names column should have some selected name(s)

Names Required Names

What we can do other than copy and paste?

We can create a pop-up window which will display all the names by using list box and we can select the required names from that list box.

1.Go to Developer Tab -> Design Mode
2.Click on Insert and click -> CommandButton
3.Drag the cursor to create a button
4.Rename button with name "Show Names" in sheet
5.Assign a macro to it with name "DisplayNames"
6.Open VBEditor
7.Goto Insert -> User Form
8.We will get one form, Design the form as follows

10.Change Caption to "Names Selection" in Form Properties
11.Change Caption to "List of Names" in Frame Properties
12.Change Caption to "Select the names and click OK" in Lable Properties
13.Change Name to "lbEmp", MultiSelect to 1-fmMultiSelectMulti in ListBox Properties
14.Change Name to "submit" and Caption to "OK" in Button1 Properties
15.Change Name to "close" and Caption to "Close" in Button2 Properties
16.Change Name to "reset" and Caption to "Reset" in Button3 Properties
17.Select Excel window, Go to Macros and Select "DisplayNames" macro(which is already assigned to the Button in Sheet), Click on Edit
18.Write the following code:
Dim rngEmp() As String
Dim emps As String
Dim i As Integer

emps = ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1).Value
If emps = "" Then
MsgBox ("No Name(s) Available")
rngEmp = Split(emps, ",")
End If

For i = LBound(rngEmp) To UBound(rngEmp)
UserForm1.lbEmp.AddItem rngEmp(i)

Double-click on the UserForm1 from the Forms directory in VBEditor
Double-click on any one of the button on the form to view code(shortcut: F7)
Select all the code and delete it. Paste the following code

Private Sub close_Click()
Unload UserForm1
End Sub
Private Sub reset_Click()
End Sub
Private Sub submit_Click()
Dim emps As String
emps = ""
For i = 0 To UserForm1.lbEmp.ListCount - 1
If lbEmp.Selected(i) = True Then
'MsgBox lbEmp.List(i)
If emps = "" Then
emps = lbEmp.List(i)
ElseIf emps <> "" Then
emps = emps & "," & lbEmp.List(i)
End If
End If
Next i
ActiveCell.Value = emps
End Sub
21.Save and Close the VBEditor. Goto Excel sheet
22.Select the right adjacent Cell say B1 Cell
23.Click the button which we created on the sheet
24.Select the name(s) and Click Ok to see values in the selected cell
25.We can select Multiple Names at a time which will display names with the delimiter "," in the selected cell
26.If A's cell doesn't contain any value then it will display a message "No Name(s) Available"
27.We have to select Close to close the pop-up window
28.We can select Clear to clear list and then select close to cancel

You can see the sample output

Names Required Names

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September 07, 2010

Bangalore to Tirupathi Weekend Travel for Lord Balaji darshan

Myself and my friend(Arya Kumar Mohanthy) started in Bangalore at around 10:30pm by KSRTC Volvo. It was nice journey and we reached Eadu Kondalu(Tirupathi) Bus Station at around 4:15am.

We stud in line for dharma dharshan Rs. 50/- ticket at bus station. We got ticket around 6:15AM. Then we went to Alapiri from where we started climbing all the 7 hills around 3550 steps. we had been reached there with in 3 hours.

We stud in line for dharshan and with god's grace we had very good dharshan with in 3 hours.

We took bus to Tirupathi and from there to Bangalore. We reached Bangalore at around 11:00PM.

Luckily Both reached home safely.

Thanks GOD

September 01, 2010

Learning Basics in Windows Scripting

I am trying to learn some basics in windows scripting.

What I am thinking like, If you are doing some similar work in some application in different times, Why can't we make it automated?

1) For some mail, we know that, we will send the same content whenever it comes from some particular id. Can't we automate it?
2) We are running some java application and i will do some similar procedure every time, can't we automate the process?

Currently I am learning Windows Scripting.


Please post comments if you have any idea

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