September 14, 2010

PL/SQL Developer Useful Settings

Hi friends,

I am using Pl/Sql Developer IDE to connect different databases and performing different database operations at the same time. Its been proved that Pl/Sql developer is very useful tool for sql and/or plsql statement/query execution.

What I liked in Pl/Sql Developer are

  1. Select some part of the query and execute the selected part in the query. I liked it very much.
  2. Export output result to excel as a table
  3. Code assistant which will display all the tables in that schema when you entered your_schema_name.
  4. Working in different windows like SQL window, Test window, Program window, Command window and Diagram window at the same time
  5. Macros which can do certain action once recorded

What I have learn today is

i) Logon History

Are you able to remember all the username and passwords of different databases?
Fed up of typing username and password everytime when logging?

Use "Fixed Users" option in Logon History Preferences

We can create different menus to differentiate users or type of logons



  • More than one users under the same menu should be in next line
  • Avoid @ usage in password because database delimeter is @ so it will treat first @ onwards as database

Example: ghi/lkj@123@qwe
username: ghi
password: lkj@123
database: qwe

pl/sql developer will treat
username: ghi
password: lkj
database: 123@qwe

Because first @ onwards it will treat as database.
We can have many menus with many logon to connect different databases with very less effort.
Click the Logon Button Arrow and select the menu->username/password@database
It will get connected automatically without typing username and password

Very Useful .. Try it

ii) Auto Replace facility

Open Pl/Sql Developer->Click on Tools->Preferences->Select Editor Preferences

Scroll down to AutoReplace tab and use the syntax and example to use the facility

syntax: shortcutword=full(part)command

example: saf = select * from 

When you type saf and space then you can see select * from as a replacement of saf
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