November 22, 2012

Mount TrueCrypt Volume with Read and Write File Permission for Users and Groups

Hi friends,

I have been working on Ubuntu from a long time. Recently I am exploring on TrueCrypt and I faced the following issue. After searching lot of websites and forums, I made a solution which worked for me perfectly.

TrueCrypt volume copied data should be available to all when its mounted.

Usual Procedure:
Mount the TrueCrypt volume in Ubuntu
Copy some data to the volume
Change file permissions to other users or groups
Other users should be able to view the data from the volume when mounted

After mounting the TrueCrypt Volume the directory permissions are changed and fixed to 700 (rwx --- ---). i.e. No access to groups and others.
Changing the directory permissions and changing the ownership will not be applied.
So, other groups and others cannot access the data.

While mouting the TrueCrypt volume we need to specify the file system type and give permission to user[s] and/or group[s] with umask.

Please find the syntax and example below

$sudo /usr/bin/truecrypt -t --filesystem={filesystem_type} --fs-options={rwx},uid={userid},gid={groupid},umask={ugorwx} {your_tc_volume} {mounting_folder}

$sudo /usr/bin/truecrypt -t --filesystem=vfat --fs-options=rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=022 /mnt/folder1

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November 20, 2012

Display Flash SWF Object File in Max Width and Height of Browser (Autofit)

Hi coders,

Today I have come across a situation where I need to display some .swf file in browser by using 100% browser width and height irrespective of the screen resolution. Generally we will specify the object width and height while display the flash on browser.

But I want the flash content to get display in maximum (full) width and height of the browser to any screen resolution. i.e. Automatically it has to adjust the width and height of the flash object.

I have found the following method
  • Please download the swffit from here 
  • It has lot of custome functions which developers can use
  • After downloading the zip file, please extract the content
  • You can find lot of sample codes
  • I have used example.html code and changed the fit method to 
    •"my_flash", 1, 1, null, null, true, true);
  • Now it will display the flash object in maximum width and height of the browser
Enjoy coding :)

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November 18, 2012

Windows 8 Installation, Kaspersky Anti-Virus Issue and resolved


After a big gap, I am writing this post.

Today, I have upgraded my sister's laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro by purchasing online for just Rs. 1999/-. Its cool, I am liking the Windows 8 look and feel (Metro interface). I have created ISO image for backup.

But I got a problem with the KasperSky anti-virus. The version which I installed in Windows 7 doesn't support in Windows 8. While uninstalling from Windows 8, it was not successfully uninstalled.

So, I removed it from registry and corresponding folders in file explorer. It was suddenly not recognizing the trackpad and even mouse. So, using USB flash drive, I had burned ISO to a USB Pendrive and booted from it. Refreshed the OS.

You know what, all the installed apps were gone. It moved to a folder named Windows.old(>10GB). I decided to delete it. So, I performed "cleanmgr" and deleted the old windows folder Windows.old. Finally I have installed all the required softwares.

The apps from Windows store are ok. But not many apps ( I know still lot of apps will come). I liked the Wikimedia, Photofunia, ToDo, Tasklists, Engadget, etc.

Overall weekend spent on Installing Windows 8 and corresponding software updates.

Note: Please uninstall the anti-virus before you upgrading to Windows 8.

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