November 22, 2012

Mount TrueCrypt Volume with Read and Write File Permission for Users and Groups

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I have been working on Ubuntu from a long time. Recently I am exploring on TrueCrypt and I faced the following issue. After searching lot of websites and forums, I made a solution which worked for me perfectly.

TrueCrypt volume copied data should be available to all when its mounted.

Usual Procedure:
Mount the TrueCrypt volume in Ubuntu
Copy some data to the volume
Change file permissions to other users or groups
Other users should be able to view the data from the volume when mounted

After mounting the TrueCrypt Volume the directory permissions are changed and fixed to 700 (rwx --- ---). i.e. No access to groups and others.
Changing the directory permissions and changing the ownership will not be applied.
So, other groups and others cannot access the data.

While mouting the TrueCrypt volume we need to specify the file system type and give permission to user[s] and/or group[s] with umask.

Please find the syntax and example below

$sudo /usr/bin/truecrypt -t --filesystem={filesystem_type} --fs-options={rwx},uid={userid},gid={groupid},umask={ugorwx} {your_tc_volume} {mounting_folder}

$sudo /usr/bin/truecrypt -t --filesystem=vfat --fs-options=rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=022 /mnt/folder1

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