January 05, 2013

Eclipse Java Scrapbook: Run, Debug, Test Code Expressions and Statements Without Running Entire Project

Hi friends,

A very useful utility for developers who are using eclipse as their IDE is Java Scrapbook.

What is scrapbook?

Sometimes, you might think like running a statement or expression or loop without running the entire code or project. You want to try something without disturbing the existing code.

Scrapbook answers the above and lot more.

Scrapbook can be used to inspect, execute, debug your statements, expressions, loops and etc.

Creating Eclipse IDE

New -> Java -> Java Run/Debug -> Scrapbook Page

Inspecting Snippet

To inspect an snippet like 2+3, Just type 2+3 and Click on "Run->Inspect" as per your requirement. It will display the result in a pop-up.

Execute Statements

If you want to try some statements, you can execute it by performing "Run->Execute"

Debug Statements

You can put breakpoint and debug your code.

I liked it very much because we no need to run the entire project to test/try a sample code.

Hope all the developers will like this feature.

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