October 22, 2010

Thinkpad L412, L512 laptop review

Hi everyone,

If you are planning to buy Lenovo Thinkpad L412,L512.
Please comment, if someone experienced any problem with Thinkpad L412,L512.

As per my surfing, it doesn't have cons.
Only cons, they are talking about keyboard sound. That is standard in Thinkpad laptops.
Don't bother about anything. Whoever planning to buy, they can happily buy.

Thanks in advance

Personal Experience:
My laptop screen was gone after 4 months of time, they have replaced it.
Laptop is not responding after working 2 to 3 hours continuous. We have to forcefully shutdown and restart again. I think, some hardware issue.


Create own mouse pointers, fonts, window design etc.

Hi everyone,

I just came to know about windowing system, where we can draw our own mouse pointers, our own logos etc.

By using Desktop Environment, we can design, our own folders, icons, windows, wallpapers etc.

People who are interested in designing new OS can make use of this. May be after some time I will also try. Just go through this wiki link and if you are interested its really good.


Please let me know if someone is starting new Operation System. I will also contribute.

How word saves a file .. Procedure in saving the file in MSOffice

Hi everyone,

Procedure or steps in saving the file MSOffice
We created one file with name abc.doc
When we are update the abc.doc and trying to save it, Word will create the temporary file with edited version of the abc.doc
Word will delete the previous version of the abc.doc
Replaces the temporary file with the previous version of the abc.doc

Its so cool .. Data Integrity is satisfying .. What you people say?

File size increases when you are storing images. Cause and Solution listed

Hi everyone,
Just now, I came to know that MSOffice will store two types of graphic formats in .rtf file.

  1. What I did was, I copied one image (Size: 66.6KB) to MSWord and saved the file as .doc.
  2. The .doc file size has become 89KB.
  3. Then I saved the file in .rtf format.
  4. The .rtf file size is 5075KB(4.9MB).
  5. I just searched for the cause then I found that .rtf format file will save this image twice.
  6. One in corresponding .GIF, .JPEG or .PNG and second format is WMF(Windows Meta File).
  7. That is the cause for drastic change in file size.

To solve this problem, we can follow the steps accordingly in the below Microsoft link


Try to experiment and learn and post.

October 21, 2010

Test file formats and its actual size, size on disk, increment in size

I just thought what will be the default size for a text file in different formats.
Then I just did some analysis and found that these are the default sizes of the corresponding files, but actually on disk it will store this much size.

I found one more interesting point, for me atleast, the actual size is increasing on some increment basis, which is displayed in table as "Increment in bytes". Till that size on disk, the actual size is incrementing but size on disk is not changing.

What I understand from this is, In hard disk, file will get space according increment.

File Format Size stored on Disk Actual Size Increment in bytes
(MSOffice 97-2003 format)
28KB, 28672B 26KB, 26112B 512B
(MSOffice 2007 format)
12KB, 12888B 9.65KB, 9886B 1B
(Notepad format)
4KB, 4096B 0B 1B

If I'm wrong in any sentence, please let me know. I will try to update my knowledge.

October 07, 2010

Command Prompt in full screen mode in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Hi everyone,
I came to know that we can use command prompt in windows vista and windows 7 by installing dosbox software.
I tried in Windows XP .. Its not that much user friendly .. we need to mount the drives first then we have to use it. Please try in your system and let me know, how it worked for you.
Going to home for 10 days .. See you later .. Happy Dasara ..

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