September 07, 2010

Bangalore to Tirupathi Weekend Travel for Lord Balaji darshan

Myself and my friend(Arya Kumar Mohanthy) started in Bangalore at around 10:30pm by KSRTC Volvo. It was nice journey and we reached Eadu Kondalu(Tirupathi) Bus Station at around 4:15am.

We stud in line for dharma dharshan Rs. 50/- ticket at bus station. We got ticket around 6:15AM. Then we went to Alapiri from where we started climbing all the 7 hills around 3550 steps. we had been reached there with in 3 hours.

We stud in line for dharshan and with god's grace we had very good dharshan with in 3 hours.

We took bus to Tirupathi and from there to Bangalore. We reached Bangalore at around 11:00PM.

Luckily Both reached home safely.

Thanks GOD
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