September 17, 2011

Android Apps Downloading Problem

Hi Android Users,

If you are facing, app download issue with your new Android device please follow these steps.

1. First disable the Wi-Fi connection, because even GPRS is on, Wi-Fi takes high priority.
2. Make sure that your GPRS is working properly
3. Connect to your GTalk in Android Mobile with your username and password
4. Now register into Android Market
5. Try to download the any app with GPRS for testing.
6. Connect to Wi-Fi and fastly you can download the apps.

By now, you should be able to download the any android marked app successfully.

We have tried to download the app with wi-fi connection, it will show downloading for long time. Never downloaded the app successfully.

With this method, we were able to download the app successfully.

After doing the download testing with GPRS, you can switch back to your Wi-Fi connection and download the apps.

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