December 08, 2010

Write Protect your pen drive from copying, deleting and etc.,

Hi everyone,

Today one of my friend asked me "Why I cann't copy the data to my USB Pendrive". It is showing message like "Remove the write-protection or use another disk". Can you help me to resolve? "

I just checked and came to know that, the pen drive is write protected. Only we can copy the content from pen drive but can't do deleting and copying to pen drive.

  • To remove the write protection, please follow the steps below.
  • Open run window by pressing windows + R or start->run
  • Type regedit.exe and click on "Ok" button or Press Enter button.
  • Please go to the following path
  • If there is no WriteProtect key, please create a DWord key with name WriteProtect
  • To enable write-protect, please give "1" as key value
  • To disable write-protect, double click the WriteProtect key and give value as 0 
Hope you will protect your pendrive.
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