November 10, 2010

Have you tried these Google Labs features? I liked these features.

Hi everyone,
I tried these Google labs features and its very useful for every e-mail user. Hope you will also like it.

There are features which will
  1. Insert images in mail
  2. Cancel the mail within 30 seconds, if you forgot attachment, signature, address, etc.
  3. Nested folders
  4. Choosing the correct name suggestion.
  5. Displaying the unread messages count in the title of the page. 
If you want to use or like anyone of the above you can continue reading the blog.
  • To see the Google labs, click on Settings, select Labs tab.
  • Select the Enable option button for the concerned lab feature.
  • Click on Save Changes at top or bottom of the page, to use these features.

Google Labs Features: 

1) Inserting Images:
    This feature provides you to select the pictures from the harddisk or from URL and display in the mail instead of attachment. Lot of my friends asked how to display an image in the mail. By using this feature you can do that.
2) Nested Labels
    Instead of having long list of labels for every simple things, you can group them and make nested labels.
3) Title Tweaks
    It will display the current label with unread message count. If you get any new mail, just by seeing the title in the taskbar, you can identify that you got an e-mail.

4) Got the Wrong Bob?
    This feature will you recommend the user with the similar name. When you are selecting some name, it will list the similar names to choose the correct one. 

5) Undo Send
    Sometimes we will be thinking something and click on send button. After just clicking, we will be thinking like, I shouldn't have click on send button. By using "Undo Send" feature, within 30 seconds we can cancel the sending mail. After finishing everything in the mail, you can send again.
Example: We want to send resume to someone, We will be concentrating on writing some good content and once we are happy with content, we will just press send button without attaching the resume. Just after clicking on send we will identify that, we forgot the attachment. At that point, we can cancel the sending mail and attach the resume and send. I think it happened with lot of you people. It happened with me too.

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