November 10, 2010

Linux tools useful for day to day life

Hi everyone,

I just read some of the linux tools description from linux journals. Just want to share those things.

  1. FFmpeg: Video converter to covert videos for YouTube. Our own videos will be converted in to YouTube suitable format.
  2. Mutt: Its a command line e-mail reading tool.
  3. Zsh: Create own shell with different colors and in output also we can put some colors to identify the output easily.
  4. SOX: Audio editor, We can add echo easily by using this editor and we can convert audio to various formats.
  5. Trickle: By using this tool, we can control the network traffic. In torrent downloaders and in browsers we can set the speed while downloading.
  6. Privoxy: Control the web access like blocking unwanted sites and blocking unwanted content.

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