December 17, 2011

Type in Indian languages in Computer Applications like MS Word, Notepad, Browser etc

Hi all,

I am very happy to share this information. We sometimes feel like typing the content in our native speaking language. Now we can type in our native language by using any one of the following tools.

I personally tried with Google IME and I am impressed on Windows 7 Professional

Google IME Installation:
  1. Download the Google IME from this link
  2. Select your OS type (32-bit/64-bit)
  3. Click on "Download Google IME"
  4. Install the software and the installation will take sometime.
Note: For more detailed Google IME installation steps, please visit this link

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Installation:
  1. Download the tool from this link
  2. You can see two versions of downloads
  3. Web Version -- Browser
  4. Desktop Version -- Computer PC
  5. Download the relevant version for you and install it
Vishal's Pramukh:
Download the different versions of tools for your individual purposes like browser, JavaScript development library, HTML Editor
Download Link:

Typing in Desired Language:
  1. Right click on the taskbar -> Select Toolbars -> Select Language Bar
  2. You will find the language bar with currently using language for typing the content. Default: EN (English)
  3. Open the Microsoft Word
  4. We can change the language by selecting the EN from taskbar to Desired Language which are listed.
  5. Type in your language by following the suggestions while typing in English.

If you find any difficulty in typing your native language, please mail to 

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