December 22, 2011

Netbeans Plugin Install, Update, Problem, Troubleshoot

Dear all,

I was facing an issue while updating my netbeans. It was showing the following screen

I tried to  resolve this problem by checking the proxy configuration, firewall configuration, refreshing the content. None of them solved my problem.
Note: You please try all those settings, it may work for you. If none the above configuration solves your problem then follow the below solutions.

I have found 2 solutions to resolve/troubleshoot this problem.

a) Manual Update
  1. Copy the path of the networking problem link
  2. Download the .nbm file
  3. In Netbeans, Click on Tools (Menu) -> Select "Plugins" option
  4. Select the tab "Downloaded" -> Click "Add Plugins"
  5. Choose the appropriate .nbm file from the downloaded directory
  6. Click "Open" to view in the "Downloaded" tab
  7. Check the plugin and Click on "Install" button
  8. Now the Netbeans plugin will be updated and it will auto download the dependencies
Note: Above Screens are of Netbeans IDE 7.0.1. For your netbeans IDE the options may be different menus but the procedure is same.
  • Pros: Easy to install the specified/chosen plugin and update
  • Cons:
    • Issue: While updating, if it was not able to get the dependency, then it will show the same "Networking Problem"
    • Resolution: Follow the same procedure from step 1

b) Automatic Update:

  1. In Netbeans, Click on Tools (Menu) -> Select "Plugins" option
  2. Select the tab "Settings"
  4. Click "Add" button to add a plugin update center
  6. Enter the name and path of the plugin update center and Click on "OK"
  7. It will auto-refresh the plugins available
Install Plugin:
You can download many netbeans plugins from "Available Plugins" tab of "Plugins" window.
Install your own choice of plugins and enjoy application development with Netbeans.

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