December 16, 2011

Hyderabad Book Fair / Festival 2011

Hi all,

Today I have visited Hyderabad 26th Book Festival at People's Plaza, Neckles Road, Hyderabad.
I come to know about this book festival, through my friend.

The book festival dates and timings as follows:

15 December 2011 to 25 December 2011

2PM to 9PM (Monday to Friday)
12Noon to 9PM (Saturday and Sunday)

There are different types of books available for pre-school children to retired persons.

Those who wants to buy Telugu, English novels and Spirtual, Devotional books, they must visit the book festival.

I have bought Swami Vivekananda Auto Biography and Swamy Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Biography books.
Since, It was a book festival, they gave 10% discount also.

If you buy books worth more than Rs. 200 then please visit the Kinige, stall No. 109. You will get some gift amount coupon (send to e-mail) to buy e-books from Kinige Web Store

At Kinige stall, you can participate in quiz to answer a question. If you are unable to choose the correct answer they will give another chance with another question. If you can answer any one the question, then you will get gift amount (send to e-mail) to buy e-books from Kinige Web Store.

You need to create an account in Kinige and then Recharge your account with the coupon to buy the e-books. You need to install adobe digital editions to view the e-book.

Please hurry up and buy your own books.


If you have any queries, please mail to
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