December 14, 2011

Book Aakash and Pre Order UBISlate 7, Low cost Android tablet in India

Hi all,
If you want to use cheap and best Android tablet in India, then go for Aakash and UbiSlate 7 ( An upgraded version of Aakash ).

Aakash Details:

1) Runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo)
2) Wi-Fi Connectivity
3) External Memory Card Support (2GB - 32GB)
4) Cost: Rs. 2500/- (Pay cash on delivery)

i) Very low cost tablet
ii) External memory support

i) Less battery backup
ii) No phone functionality

UbiSlate 7 Details:

1) Runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
2) Phone functionality with SIM card
3) GPRS, Wi-Fi connectivity
4) Cost: Rs. 2999/- (Pay cash on delivery)

i) Phone call facility
ii) GPRS connectivity
ii) Improved battery backup

i) Android version

For more details about the Indian low price tablet Aakash and UbiSlate 7, please refer the original link

Order/Pre-book Details:

Aakash is already released and we can order now with the following link
Note: Timings 8AM to 8PM only

UbiSlate 7 is ready to launch in January 2012 and we can pre-order with the following link
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