December 19, 2011

Converting Power Point Presentation (PPT) to Images and Conversion of Images to PPT

Hi all,
Today I was searching for converting the slideshow to images and doing some batch processing to the images like crop, resize, filename change and again making ppt with the modified images.

I followed the below procedure to convert my slides in ppt to images, cropping the images and finally making slideshow with edited images.
  • Converting slides to images
    1. (MS Office 2007) Office Button (Top-Left) -> Save As ->  Other Formats
    2. Choose the corresponding destination folder
    3. Choose "Save as type" as "JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)"
    4. One pop-up comes with the following options
      • Every Slide: This option saves every slide to an individual image
      • Current Slide: This option saves only the current slide to an image
    5. Choose relevant option to you
  • Batch Processing the images
    1. I have seen one video from youtube and I was impressed with the Irfan View working with batch processing of images
    2. Please see the below video and do the batch processing of images
  • Uploading images to PPT
    1. (MS Office 2007) Click on "Insert" tab and select "Photo Album" -> "New Photo Album"
    2. Select the image(s), which you would like to add in the presentation.
This kind of approach makes our lives easy.

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