August 16, 2011

GMail Mouse Gestures to navigate between e-mail messages

Hi everyone,
Are you fed-up with clicking on next or previous message in GMail. GMail is providing Mouse Gestures Labs features.
Just hold the mouse right button, and move the mouse to left or right to see the previous or next message correspondingly.
I liked the feature. If you want to try just have a trail. Its awesome.

Internet Explorer 7 and below is not supporting it fully. Please try in Firefox 3 or Google Chrome 8 or above

Click on the below link for redirection your GMail labs, You should login before clicking on this link.

1) Click on the settings icon (Top-Right Corner), select mail settings.
2) Select Labs Tab, search for "Mouse", you will get a feature named "Mouse gestures"
3) Select Enable to try the feature.

Hold Right Mouse Button and do the following
  i) Move left --> Previous Message
  ii) Move Right --> Next Message
  iii) Move up --> Parent folder (Inbox default)

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