August 22, 2011

Find Differences between two files/folders and change or merge content

Hi all,

When I was working with 2 similar kind of files. Both files will have the same content except some few changes in words or lines. I was experimenting on one file and i finalized the file. I don't want to repeat the same steps in 2nd file, as what I have done for the 1st file.

I remembered one command in UNIX called diff, which will get the differences from 2 files. So, I have searched for similar command in Windows and I got DiffMerge GUI tool.

DiffMerge is an application, which shows the differences between 2 files visually to the user. It got one more weapon called merging the content.
Once we found the differences between 2 files, we can change or merge the content in the file. It is just a click away.

I personally felt that, this will be very useful for the developers, who are developing similar kind of programs for two or more different clients.

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