November 02, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 upgrade on MacBook Pro Early 2011 (13 inch) 8,1 Model booted from USB Pen Drive and Updated Wireless Drivers

Hi MacUbuntu Users,

I have upgraded Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 in Early MacBook Pro 13" (8,1) Model and the upgrade steps as follows.

1. We should have EFI boot enabled on the MacBook as per my previous post
2. Copied the Ubuntu 11.10_amd64+mac.iso to boot folder in the USB (as per the instructions from the EFI Boot)
3. Renamed the Ubuntu 11.10_amd64+mac.iso to boot.iso
4. Restarted the system and Hold the Option button
5. Select EFI (USB) to boot from the 11.10
6. After OS loading, click on Install 11.10 shortcut icon from the Desktop
7. Select Upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 option
8. Select timezone
9. Import 11.04 contacts, firefox bookmarks etc
10. It will take some time to copy and reinstall the packages
11. I got a error like, some packages are properly installed, please install manually.
12. After successfully upgrading the OS, reboot the mac.
13. When EFI display comes, please select EFI partition manager to update the grub
14. Once it has updated the grub, restart the mac and remove the USB pendrive
15. Now, you can boot to your Ubuntu 11.10 on MacBook Pro
16. Now, we need to install the wireless drivers. Please follow my previous post.
17. Then enjoy the latest Ubuntu on MacBook Pro

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