February 24, 2011

Airtel service messages

Hi everyone,
Today I came with Airtel service messages, which can be used by post-paid customers.

1.      To start ebill SMS:             STOP PAPER  <(email id)> to 121
2.      To Update your email id SMS:            UPDATE EMAIL <(email id)> to 121
3.      View last 6 months ebills by simply sending SMS:
             EBILL <(email id)> <(first 3 letters of the month)> to 121
4.      To get your ebill password SMS:         EBILL PASSWORD to 121
5.      To stop ebill SMS:              STOP EBILL to 121

Hope it will be useful.


Altaf said...


Altaf said...


Hunny said...

Thanks a lot.. but i want to know how can i change the ebill password for my broadband?
I've many airtel products with the same email id registered except for my home broadband... Please Help... Thank you in advance :)

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