May 23, 2009

My M.Tech Thesis

I am doing the project "Simulating an efficient NIDS on gigabit ethernet communication". To acheive my objectives, I installed Snort NIDS and lot of its dependencies. It took time for me to configure properly because of lack of guidance. Finally my internal review was good. I am satisfied..I will provide my abstart here.. see and give me suggestions..

Intrusion Detection for network security is a compute intensive application demanding high system performance. Objective of thesis is to simulate a testbed evaluation of an efficient Intrusion Detection System (IDS) on gigabit ethernet communication. Testbed [3] includes forming a network with the both Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS), Snort and attacker, who will generate live traffic [1]. By writing efficient rules for the snort, it will generate alerts which can be visually displayed in browser by using plug-ins. Running the Snort in a live network and the flooding the network with a variety of traffic, both “normal” (legitimate traffic that any network would reasonable expect to occur such as e-mail, HTTP, telnet etc) and attacks, including fairly recent and more well-known network attacks [5]. The pre-design tool allows for more efficient communication and extensive reuse of modules for dramatic increases in area-time performance. We can implement this simulation part on hardware with efficient performance.
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