May 18, 2011

Boot Windows XP, Vista, 7 from USB Pen Drive

Hi everyone,
I was thinking that, How can I get rid of carrying DVD to install OS on friend's laptop. When I googled, I got some useful info and want to share with you ppl.

Please use the following commands to make USB Bootable with Windows OS

STEP 1: Make USB Ready to made bootable

1) Run Diskpart, In Windows Vista and 7 it has come default, I think in Windows XP you need to install Diskpart.
2) New Window with Diskpart as prompt will be opened.
3) See the connected disks by running
    DISKPART> list disk
4) Select the USB disk with its name of the list disk command output. The output usually comes as disk 0, disk 1 etc.
   DISKPART> select disk 1
5) Clean the disk by typing the command
   DISKPART> clean
6) Make the disk partition as primary
   DISKPART> create partition primary
7) Select the partition
   DISKPART> select partition 1
8) Activate the partition
   DISKPART> active
9) Format the partition with NTFS filesystem
   DISKPART> format fs=NTFS
10) Type following command to exit
   DISKPART> assign
   DISKPART> exit

Now the disk is formatted and ready to made bootable

STEP 2: Make USB Bootable

Make USB drive as bootable by executing following commads
1) Insert or mount the Windows OS disk
     Ex: DVD Drive path say G:
2) Use the bootsect.exe to make the USB bootable.
  a) Open CommandPrompt
  b) Change the directory to G:
      cmd> G:
  c) Change to boot directory
      G:> cd boot
  d) Run the following command to make USB Bootable, assume USB drive is H:
      G:/boot> bootsect /nt60 h:
3) Close the command prompt
     G:/boot> exit

STEP 3: Copy OS to USB

Say Example Windows OS DVD drive is G: and USB Drive is H:
Run the following commands to copy the contents from DVD to USB
i) cmd> G:
ii) G:> copy *.* h: /Y /V (or) xcopy /s *.* h:/

STEP 4: Install Windows OS from USB Drive

Please restart and boot from the USB drive to install Windows OS


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