February 20, 2017

Consolidate / Merge all your PF accounts

Hi friends,

Today, I have come across one useful website which consolidates all your PF accounts under one roof.


  1. You should have one active and current PF account
  2. You should have UAN created and activated
  3. You should have your old PF account numbers

Important Information

If you have changed organization, then wait till the previous employer update your "Date of Exit (DoE)"
After that your current employer details should be available
To verify that, please login to your UAN services account
Go to "View" -> "Service History"
You should be able to see your present and previous employers
Note: You wait for atleast 3 months, after you exit from your previous organization


  1. Visit http://oeoea.epfoservices.com/UANDEDUP/index.jsp site
  2. Enter your registered mobile number
  3. Enter your UAN number
  4. Enter your current active PF account
  5. Once you login, you should be able to view your all registered and linked PF accounts
  6. Consolidate all PF accounts by selecting and further processing

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