April 21, 2020

Send email from Microsoft excel with customized sheet data

Hi folks,

Have you ever faced requirement where you have to send email from an excel with excel data. If you are in that situation, this blog makes your life easier.

Send customized excel data of each row as an email. You should have data in each row and you should know have recipient e-mail address
You should have configured e-mail client like outlook, mail of desktop

  1. Use Hyperlink function of excel
    • Syntax
      • =HYPERLINK("mailto:"&e-mailCellNo&"?subject="&subjectCellNo&"&body="&bodyCellNo&"%0A","Send email")
    • Help
      • Cellno in syntax should point to your data cell number
      • %0A - New line
      • mailto - The recipient mail address
      • subject - the text
      • body - the body text
    • Note
      • If you have any special characters, then use ENCODEURL function
      • Don't put the ENCODEURL function in HYPERLINK function
      • Make sure, ENCODEURL output points to a different cell and use that cell number in HYPERLINK
  2. Use $ to use the same cell data repeatedly
  3. After doing the hyperlink to a cell, you should be able to view "Send email"
  4. Click on the send email
  5. Opens the configured/default e-mail client by filling the recipient, subject and body content from excel sheet
  6. Click on "send" or "Ctrl+Enter" keyboard shortcut to send email
Hope, this helps you to explore excel and send email with excel data to many recipients with single click

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